On my chalkboard today.......

I saw this quote on Pintrest this week and knew immediately
that I needed to write it on the vintage chalkboard in my laundry room......
it's a good reminder for me as I tend to the mountains of laundry
each and every week!

I am headed up to Seattle for the weekend to watch my kooky 13 year old soccer star defend
her team's net.  This sweet friend is going to come to meet me on a soccer field
.....which reminds me how
awesome blogging can be!

I wish you all peace and happiness - and lots of Fall frivolity this weekend!
7 comments on "On my chalkboard today......."
  1. Enjoy your time up here!! :) I'm meeting Tracie (Fishtail Cottage)this week!! Very excited!! Dont you just love blogging?! xoxo Rachel

  2. LOVE your chalkboard and quote btw too! xo

  3. What a great quote!! Thanks for sharing Jill!

    ♥ Ashley


  4. Jill, I have been reading your blog for months. Your sense of style is so similar to mine, and I appreciate your willingness to speak your mind but in a way that is tactful and unassuming. Keep up the good work.

  5. Firstly I too love Pinterest and do be known for posting my favourite quotes on my FB page. So I love your chalkboard photo and quote I hope you pinned it onto pinterest.

    Secondly best of luck with the soccer this weekend hope your kooky 13 year old enjoys herself and hopefully will get to celebrate a win! :)



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