Mixing Patterns....

Isn't Pintrest genius?

It's like opening a new magazine every day.

One of the "boards" I created on Pintrest is labeled "Mixing Patterns".

I really believe mixing patterns in interior design is one of the most difficult things 
to get right.  'Cause when it's right, it's right but when it's wrong......well let's just say
it's very wrong. 

I struggle with patterns in my own home.  I am a fickle girl and often tire of them
quickly.  BUT, I have begun to work on my living room {aka momma's fun room} and
am hoping to mix patterns and layers.

All images courtesy of Pintrest!
7 comments on "Mixing Patterns...."
  1. I haven't really gotten to into pinterset yet but everyone is raving about it! So I guess that many people can't be wrong! Traci

  2. I've always found mixing patterns difficult also. Love all the inspiration photos you've found. they all do it RIGHT!

    Pinterst is so fun, addictive. . .yet fun.

  3. I love the mix too and feel it is my very near future. Can't wait to see how you shake it up.

  4. i love the look of mixed patterns too but i am so not good at mixing them!

  5. Hi Jill- saw your article in the Flea Market mag and had to stop by! Love your style and your photos! Thanks for the inspiration!-

  6. I think this is why
    so many people
    have backed away
    from wallpaper in
    the last decade, as
    well....fear of mixing
    and fear of tiring of
    the pattern! I'm sure
    you'll do it brilliantly
    in your mom room,
    though : )
    xx Suzanne


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