the living room.......chapter 82.

I think I have figured out my problem {one of them at least}....
I love design, like really love it, love it all, love it too much.

It's hard to design a room in your own home when you like everything - 
vintage, modern, bohemian, eclectic, traditional, transitional, 
mid-century, color, neutrals, patterns, solids, brass, chrome, 
chippy painted, warm wood tones........you get me?

As you recall, I am NOT a stripper......thus the painted
desk pictured above.  I am very happy with how it turned out.

One of the main goals I have had for the design of our home's
sitting room is that it had to have a purpose beyond looking 
pretty.  So, I declared it to be a sitting room/office for momma.

The layout of the room dictated one wall for the placement of a desk.
I knew when I found this simple, smaller scale desk, that it
would be the perfect fit for the space.

I have actually made loads of progress on this room.....which has been 
'in progress' since moving in a year ago!  I have stressed about how to design
around the crazy damask sofa, how to add color....wanting it to have a eclectic, collected
look rather than a 'designed' look.  I took two Craigslist chairs to have them reupholstered today.
I also took a BIG leap and ordered a crazy bright fabric for my Louis chair -
doesn't Nate Berkus say you need to have one bold/unexpected chair in your room?
Well even if he didn't say any such thing, my living room is going to have
one bold/unexpected chair!

I am finally 'feeling' this room.

To Be Continued.......

13 comments on "the living room.......chapter 82."
  1. Looks great girlie. Love the desk and the map is awesome. Can't wait to see your badass chair.

  2. Your room does look collected and intentional too. Love the desk and map, and although I know it was hard to decorate around, love the damask sofa too.

  3. the desk is fabulous! i love the hardware, and oh that map!

  4. It's awesome! I'm looking for an old map! Love yours!!! Alyssa of Boston bee

  5. Your desk is beautiful. I know how you feel with regaurd to loving all different design styles. I just love design to and cant make a choice as to what to do where. I have such a mix going on here that nobody could possibly figure my design style out! Cant wait to see your chair... You should go over to Kims blog at Lark Nest design and check out her last post. She re did a chair and it's so cute!!!

  6. Only three months into this new house...I am starting to feel a VIBE with my decor plan and finally in no rush to have it finished. The knobs on the desk are perfectly suited for your piece. We were just discussing a map like yours for a wall in our great room.

  7. I am like you ~
    adore it all!
    That can leave
    me sort of paralyzed,
    when faced with a
    decor project....
    Great that you
    were able to move
    ahead, at your own
    pace; it looks great!

    xo Suzanne

  8. I love the look of this room already! The pull down map is fabulous!

  9. I SO get you, Jill! I find myself changing the look of my rooms at least once a year...if not more! The furniture pretty much stays the same, but the poor decor goes through personality changes faster than you can say "OCD". lol! I'm finally settled in to my French-Nordic feel here at Heaven's Walk...but am slowly bringing in a wee bit of Shabby Chic-ness with soft pastel patterned pillows. So what will it be then.....? "French-Nordic-Shabby Chic" I guess! lol!

    Love your beautiful desk, and it's perfect placement beneath that vintage map is just awesome!

    xoxo laurie

  10. Love the desk///painted is perfect!!
    And a feature chair would be great!
    Funky and bold!!

  11. It's looking great! I can't wait for chapter 83!

  12. FINALLY! someone who has the same issues that I do! Ha! I've always said I have "decorators ADD" :) How in the world do you settle on one style when you love them all! Your taste is beautiful regardless...
    Miranda @ www.bellachalet.blogspot.com


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