Our weekend....

We had a rare weekend without any soccer obligations....
a really nice treat.  After a bustling
Friday afternoon/evening that involved entertaining and
hosting a gathering for {SEVEN!} 13 year old girls getting
ready for the middle school dance, the weekend was relaxing.

My biggest accomplishment on Sunday was getting our garden planted.
Our home came with two raised-bed planting boxes on the sunny side yard.
When we moved in last year, we quickly threw in some seeds and called
it good - we had oodles of zucchini and a couple of really good pumpkins,
but that was it.  This year I am determined to make better 
use of our planting boxes.

Because it was Mother's Day, I had lots of help......
which can be good or bad.  Mostly it was good.......

My little one enjoys the process and has the patience for planting.....
her sister does not.  After all the planting was complete and the newly
planted 'starts' needed a good soak, you can see who was still
around to help!  

Speaking of my little one......she is my super sensitive, thoughtful girl
with a big heart.  As a Mother's Day assignment in school they
were asked to write a poem about their mother with two line stanzas.  

And because I struggle with sharing personal information about
myself on this blog, I thought I would share what my 
10 year old wrote about me.  All I can say is this pretty much
sums up my life.  It's precious!


From driving us to school
To driving Emma to soccer practice

From Diet Coke in the morning
To red wine at night

From taking pictures with your Nikon
To putting them into a blog post

From listening to Michael Berry in the day
To listening to my violin Suzuki CD on Tuesdays

From doing the laundry while me and Emma are at school
To helping me with math homework

From singing and dancing at night
To sleeping in on the weekends

From making Ego Waffles in the morning
To making homemade meatloaf at night

From cleaning up the garden
To cleaning up the house

From me and Emma going to school
To coming home to a newly decorated house

Love, Abby

5 comments on "Our weekend...."
  1. lovely garden and what a sweet poem!! Happy belated Mother's Day:)

  2. Better than

    an Oscar
    a Nobel Prize
    an Emmy
    a magazine cover
    or even....
    hitting the lotto : )

    The BEST job,
    ever....and you
    are doing it well,
    judging by this
    darling poem!

    Hope it was the
    best Mother's Day!

    xo Suzanne

  3. lovely the garden,the child, the poem...

  4. Such a sweet note from your little girl.. Glad you had a great weekend! :)


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