Farm Chicks dreaming.....

It's Wednesday.....late...any other mom's find their days flying
by during these last days of school?  Oh, it's all good......
soccer team meetings, recitals, musicals, presentations,
tests, projects, celebrations.......just wish it could be 
spread out so we could savor it as these days are fleeting....

I head to Farm Chicks on Friday morning.....This will
be my 6th Farm Chicks Antiques Show!  It's become
a tradition.  My husband has his annual golf trips, I have Farm Chicks.
I totally win!

I am dreaming of the great finds in creative vendor booths.....and I have
my 'list' stored on my iPhone - the specific items I am looking for, with measurements - 
'cause when I walk into Farm Chicks I totally get all overwhelmed and 
forget what I am looking for .......it's that good!

But more than the shopping, Farm Chicks offers an opportunity to reunite 
with my peeps!  While I am heading to Farm Chicks with a 
long-time Portland friend who I have known since I was preggers with my
first baby and an old Portland neighbor/friend whose kids
go to the same school as mine, I am also looking forward to 
meeting up with a group of friends coming from Minnesota,
Melaine from My Sweet Savannah and Beth Quinn from Beth
Quinn Designs {who is a Farm Chick vendor this year}.
I love that all of these women are SO different - different ages,
from different parts of the country, some are vendors, some are
artists, some are bloggers, most are business women, and all
have impecable style and infinite creativity! 
we can be tough - particularly to one another and even as I age
I find there is alot of bullshit {it is what it is}......but I know I won't
encounter any of that this weekend, cause these kind of ladies 
are my people and despite all the fun finds and great shopping.....
I mostly celebrate THAT during this Farm Chicks weekend.

We will be hanging at Chaps in Spokane of Friday night, we will be in line
for Early Bird shopping on Saturday!

**all photos via pinterest....

7 comments on "Farm Chicks dreaming....."
  1. Oh have fun girl. So would love to do that someday. I would kill to have a show like that close to me. Okay maybe not kill, but you know;)

  2. Oohh I have been dreaming of going to this show for 2 years now. Last year my friend was getting married and this year we have family coming from out of town!! I AM going next year no doubt about it...hope we can meet up at it next year!!

    Have fun!!

    Last day to enter my giveaway!

    ♥ Ashley


  3. Have a great time!! Hanging with the girls really is the best part, isn't it?? But coming home with a killer find is a close second, I admit. ;o)


  4. Come see me! I'm on the corner in bay 2!!!
    <3 deb @ garden party

  5. Have fun!! Im hoping to go next year!! xo Rachel

  6. Hi Jill ~ it was great to meet you over the weekend! love your blog and i'm your newest follower! xoox, tracie


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