See those arched window frames my friend was selling at our sale
a couple weeks ago?  They were very popular and I had a lot
of inquiries about shipping them to readers all over the country -
sadly, it just wasn't possible.

However, yours truly did grab one of the windows before
we opened the sale.  I knew I wanted a large
inspiration board for my living room/office and thought
that the large arched frame would be perfect.

I know I am breaking all sorts of design rules having a memo board
in my living room, but I love it! Plus, the wall the board is hung on
is not seen from the entry way.  You have to be in the room to actually see it.

This room is full of meaningful things to me and our family - it is a place
I have taken a few risks with it's decorating and has turned into a favorite 
'quiet space' in our home.  My husband takes business calls in here, my kids 
read in this room and I blog and work at my coral desk in the bay window.

Couldn't resist sharing the little photo-bombing dog pic!  Obviously, even
the doggies love this room!

17 comments on "Before....after!"
  1. It lovely exactly where it is, great idea. I wonder what the other three frames end up as ?


  2. your killin me~for real, stop making things so darn cute!

  3. I love it! So stylish and practical. I love when rooms are actually used so I think it's great you're breaking the "rules".

  4. Your memo board is amazing! I LOVE it, and your entire room! So inviting and interesting to look at!

  5. love that dog...and what an awesome idea friend. everything is just so stinkin' awesome. magazine worthy. they need to come and do another shoot!!

  6. Love your memo board in your living room! It is quite the statement piece and fits perfectly!
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  7. Jealous. That's all I have to say.



  8. Love your upcycling idea! Just beautiful and oh so creative!!!

    xoxo laurie

  9. I personally don't believe in design rules and I think it looks fabulous in your room! I think risk taking and rule breaking suits you!

  10. Ha! Love the doggie shot!! And the memo board is adorable

  11. What a great idea for the arched window! I love this room right down to the dog bombing:). Funny, my dog does the same thing. Unless I am trying the take her picture, then she looks away. Thanks so much for joining "The After Party"!


  12. Perfection! You
    really have the
    touch, girlie : )
    I might not ever
    leave that room,
    if it were mine!

    And love your
    dog getting in
    on the action.....

    xo Suzanne

  13. I like that you put the memo board in the living room. I have one in my hallway between my daughters rooms and I put their photos, paintings and other little snippets of "life" on them.

  14. I totally adore your memo board -- and the rest of the room. I think there is so much to be said for going large scale in a few key pieces in the room and you've done just that here. Interested to know how you made it?

  15. Great idea for a memo board...your living room is so warm and gorgeous! I would spend all my time there.

    PS Love the tissue pom poms in your daughters room, so fun!

  16. I was wondering what brand/paint color is on the walls? I love it!

  17. I was also wondering what the brand and paint color is you have on the walls?? I've been looking forever for the right color for our house and I think this is it!


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