House Beautiful Cover Inspired

I fell in love with this room when I spotted it on the cover of 
the current issue of House Beautiful.  
The room belongs to designer 
Thom Filicia and is my kind of space -
seemingly unintentional, collected and comfortable.

I created a design board inspired by the space
and thought I would share it with you.

House Beautiful Cover Inspired
So what do you think this room's 'show-stoppers' are?

The room shows off the designers new line of fabric's 
beautifully and I am in LOVE with that coffee table.  I especially
like that the room seems so accessible to people with real
budgets - a sisal rug, black lampshades and flowers!

Notice the seagrass wallpaper?  It's just one element 
of texture in this room.  I really believe that texture;
nubby, shiny, smooth, worn, new, fluffy etc... make
rooms sing!

I have been working with local clients and design boards
definitely help communicate a designers vision.  
So how did I do?

2 comments on "House Beautiful Cover Inspired"
  1. You did very well! Such a fun yet sophisticated design board...love it :)

  2. I love the room! and also, I would LOVE to know how you put together those design boards. I'm moving in to a new house NEXT WEEK and I have pins everywhere for what I want for the "feel" of all the spaces. Putting it together like this would be HUGE.

    Thank you!


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