Monday....Sneak Peek

Happy Monday!

My goal was to post perfectly styled photos of my bookcases
with their newly planked backs...but alas, with SIX
volleyball games and two soccer games and other social
commitments this weekend, my bookcases currently look like this.

See the shelf on the upper right?  Ran out of planks...
Made a Sunday evening run to Home Depot and will
finish today, yes I will.

Be back soon with pretty pictures.
Have a fabulous day.

4 comments on "Monday....Sneak Peek"
  1. Looking great so far! I am in love with planks.

  2. hey sounds like we are lining the same life..lol...LOVE those cabinets!!!!

  3. Your shelves look beautiful and it should be lots of fun to fill them. I coach volleyball so I totally understand the lack of time.

  4. It's already looking amazing!

    If it will make you feel better I will post a picture of my gutted kitchen ceiling.


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