My Olympic Connection….and you can follow along!

Are you going to watch the opening ceremonies tonight?
We will be glued to the TV with popcorn bowls on 
our laps - I love the pomp and circumstance, the crazy
outfits and the patriotism shown by athletes who have
dedicated their lives to experience THIS moment! 
I can't help but think about the proud moms and dads
in the stands who have also dedicated so much to watch
their child get to the Olympics in their chosen sport - 
it has to be amazing!

My cousin Courtney's sister-in-law Debbie McCormick is a 
four-time Olympian, representing the United States as a member
of the Women's Curling Team.  We have followed Debbie's 
career and will be looking for her tonight as she walks with the
U.S. delegation during the opening ceremonies!

And don't ask me if I understand curling, cause I don't.  I just
know it's a lot harder than it looks!

My cousin Courtney and her husband Donnie and their two young sons
are traveling to Sochi on Saturday so they can cheer on 'Aunt Debbie'
and the United States athletes.  In addition to asking for your prayers
for their safe travels, I wanted you all to know that they have
created a blog and will be sharing their experience in Sochi!
I have posted on my sidebar and you can find it HERE.

In addition to all the media coverage of the games, I 
thought it might be fun to share this personal account with
all of you!


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1 comment on "My Olympic Connection….and you can follow along!"
  1. This is so cool ~ of course being Canadian watching curling and hockey are a given ~ I will be cheering on all the athletes ~ what a wonderful experience for them and I love the connection.


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