Gallery Walls….when do you take it to the floor?

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Gallery walls……we seem to not be able to get enough of them
lately - images dominate Pinterest and I find myself helping
more and more clients achieve a balanced gallery wall
in their homes.  

via Pinterest

Between collecting vintage art and our personal family
photos, I have multiple gallery walls in my home.  

Last week, I posted the photo below{on Instagram} of my angled gallery
wall in home and got so many compliments!

   I have tried many things on this wall - a chest, a console
table and a bench.  Because there is a shorter wall that overlaps this space and 
leads to our crazy 6-door hallway, it is difficult to place anything
deep in the space.  So I began hanging some favorite pieces  -
and have taken the risk to hang frames almost all the way to the floor.

This arrangement doesn't work everywhere but given how you view this
wall when you are in the room and the difficulty of placing a piece of furniture
I am really happy with how it looks here!

So what do you think? 

 Would you hang a grouping of pictures to the floor
in your own home?
5 comments on "Gallery Walls….when do you take it to the floor?"
  1. Love your galler wall, it looks amazing and yes, I would hang one to the floor. This look fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  2. I had never even considered hanging to the floor before...but I love the way it looks on your wall. Thanks for the idea! Jonni

  3. I love a well done gallery wall. I think just like ship lap planks on walls they create architectural interest. You definitely have a knack for doing them Jill. I think it's an art to be able to put this puzzle together and make a statement instead of just a mishmash looking mess. I love how you hung it to the floor. I go so far as to say this may well be your signature as a designer. Well done.

  4. I definitely would and I love the way it looks in your home! I am suggesting this for a client's hallway, where the space is too narrow for furniture. It is the hallway off of their play room, so a mixture of kid's art work and family pictures will do the trick! Great post!

  5. I love the gallery wall concept. So beautiful especially in a foyer. I also love the way you paired the gallery wall with that beautiful bench.


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