My Summer List…….

I love the summer lists that lots of bloggers complete
with their young children…….
But I have tween and teen girls who need no reminders
to make s'mores or have sleepovers or go to the beach.
And truth be told…..if I allowed it, my entire summer would
revolve around nothing else than ensuring my girls 
are entertained 24-7……..

Of course, I want my girls to have a great break
but this momma also needs some summer fun too!
I really believe all mothers, no matter the age of your children,
need to take time for themselves, do something you love, 
learn something new, get a pedicure, go out with your girlfriends,
go on a date with your husband, exercise……..

Here's some items on my personal summer list:

Sadly, I don't read as much as I would like.  I tend to purchase books 
and stack them on my nightstand…..I am determined to do some reading 
this summer….some I would like to start with are pictured above.

Summer flea markets are always a favorite activity!

Have you heard of SoulCycle?  This is Portland's version
and I am hooked!  I have been going to a cycle 
class at this Pearl District studio at least once a week
since May and I will continue during the summer!

As I have gotten older matured I have enjoyed learning
new things.  I signed up for this online class and intend to 
learn Illustrator - something I have always wanted to do!

And of course, I hope to spend some time working on both
'form' and 'function' in a some areas in my own home!
I spent the last year working on so many great client projects
but I hope to tackle some important areas in my own home
this summer!

Wishing all of you some opportunities to make 
time for YOU this summer!

5 comments on "My Summer List……."
  1. You will not regret reading Brene Brown's books. They are life changing (or were to me!)

  2. I have a stack of yet to be read books on my nightstand, too! Heard Ben Carson on the radio the other day. Fabulous!

  3. As a Mom to "older kids" i.e. no more toddlers in the house, I too can appreciate the beauty of the older kiddos. Enjoy your summer, Jill!

  4. Good for you! I strongly believe that we have to be role models for our children and show them that they have to take care of themselves too! Time with your friends or working on new interests is so important!


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