One Direction…tickets for sale…..Rose Bowl {not THE flea market}!

Six months ago {or more}, when one of my girls
was in LOVE with this boy band, I did a crazy thing
and purchased tickets for their concert 
in Los Angeles….at the Rose Bowl.

I thought the surprise trip would be a great
Sweet 16 birthday trip…..but love for this
boy band was 'like SO 6 months ago' and as her
feelings of adoration faded, so did my enthusiasm
for spending the time and money to go see
a band that she was just 'eh' about.

So - I have TWO pretty good seats for the One Direction
concert at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles for 
next Saturday, September 13.

I have been unsuccessful thus far with selling these
seats on Stub Hub SO, I thought I would put it out
there in blogland…..I will sell them for FACE VALUE.
If you are interested, please leave a comment with your
email address and I will get in touch with you.

2 comments on "One Direction…tickets for sale…..Rose Bowl {not THE flea market}!"
  1. Aww.. Can't believe you guys aren't going. My girls are still pretty excited. They love the opening band too. But I'm sure you will have no problem selling the tix and your ears will thank you from being saved from all that screaming. :)

  2. my daughter did the same thing, LOVED One Direction and begged for tickets, which we bought way in advance and then her love faded so we sold her tickets also, instead my husband got to take her to a Paramore / Fall out Boy concert


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