Do I detect a theme here???

Is it just me or do I detect a vintage theme going on in home decor? The above graphic is from the Pottery Barn website and promotes their new fall line, definitely full of vintage influence.

I think it would be easy-peasy to reproduce these jars - love the number graphic on them!

Grain sack pillows - both domestic and European are BIG everywhere in decorating. Leave it to the Barn to come up with their versions!

Couldn't resist adding this beauty....genius, I tell you! Those people at the Barn should hire me for product development!! If you don't know what I am talking about, please refer to my last post.

I love galvanized anything...I have seen millions of these at flea markets....

And look what the Barn is using as "vase fillers" - yes, old fashioned clothes pins!

Grain scoops...they look great grouped together. You can find lots of old wooden spoons, scoops at your local flea markets!

The two photos below are from the traditionally contemporary catalog/store Crate & Barrel. I love, love, the industrial look of both the chair and stool! The stools look very similar to the Wisteria stools I blogged about a few months back....

Where are you seeing vintage influences? Are you ok with the reproductions or do you like the "real deal" like me? Although, I have to admit - I am guilty of shopping the Barn when I need some instant gratification. Shopping flea markets takes patience and persistence.....and many times I have neither.

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6 comments on "Do I detect a theme here???"
  1. PB's got nuthin on your basket lamps! And yes, there seems to be a lot of "vintage" out there right now. Somewhere I heard/read that even Target may hop on that bandwagon with their new fall collections... burlap was mentioned.

  2. Oh I love all those PB finds. Great looks and yes, it all looks very vintage. I actually have an old jar in a recent post with some old fashioned clothespins in my laundry room.

    It just all feels so homey, doesn't it?

  3. I'm psyched that all the big stores are jumping on the vintage bandwagon! :)

  4. Hi, Jilly---- girlfriend!!
    I, like you, love the good old fashioned original. That being said, I also love that I can find a piece here and there that speak to me that are not of the vintage age, or for that matter, price. What draws me most to vintage is originality, which totally goes by the wayside when the barn-and others start in on it. Ususally when something gets into the catalogs, it seems like the bloggers have had it..been there, done that, type of thing. Its so HARD!! I just love it all, especially coastal vintage-y.

    Yes ma'am I was in Cannon Beach last weekend, we go 2 times a year and are heading back this weekend to go to Astoria farmers market and pick up a piece of furniture I, ahem...purchased last weekend. I adore, crave and could totally eat up every square inch of Sesame and Lilies..The old store dosent hold a candle to the the new one..its 2 floors, and you should get there if you can. MAGNIFIQUE!
    okay, Im totally babbling..so sorry!
    coastal nest

  5. Well, I adore PB and all the goodie's you've featured are faves of mine. I even bought the glass 1 2 3 containers. I adore their new vintage farmhouse items.

  6. good morning - and very nice to meet you.........

    finding the 'real deal' is always the best for me - or doing it myself (if I have time) - but sometimes, you have to cave for the repro....

    have a great day~


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