I love to celebrate great "finds" with friends near and far - I am weird that way. And as I move around in this world, I realize how my affection for all things vintage is only appreciated by a special few.

One of those few "appreciators" is my friend Allie. Besides being a great mom and friend, the girl has fabulous taste. (Just wait - she recently sent me pics of her home and I will be sharing them with you all soon!)

Allie sent me this picture today of these great old lab stools she scored for $62 at a Portland, Oregon antiques mall - and yes, that $62 was for BOTH of them and included the fabulous ruffled slipcover, thank you very much!

Needless to say I am inspired to find something similar....thanks Allie!

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5 comments on ".......envy........."
  1. Jill, I appreciate all things vintage & have been so excited to find "vintage sisters" out in blog-land.
    My hubby & I are in our seventh house & in the serious planning stage for our last home (Lord willing).
    It'll be nice to fix it the way WE want & not with re-sale in mind (which is trying to please everyone else except those who actually LIVE in the house. lol.
    Great site!

  2. I am delighted with these two "finds"!! Every time I walk in the kitchen I smile. They are my 4th set of barstools in there in the last year...just couldn't find the right ones! I love that I would have paid triple what I did, but didn't have too! Such a sucker for a steal! I will keep my eye out for you now Jill! Allie

  3. LOVE these stools. I never would have thought that they could be that amazing, but wow! Can't wait to see the rest.

  4. Oh my gosh what great stools, and what a bargain...can't wait to see more pics!

    :) T

  5. That was a steal...thanks for the inspiration...I feel a redo of my stool coming now :)


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