Oronoco Finds.........

Oronoco Gold Rush Days Antiques show is hard to describe. Picture a small (tiny) midwestern town turned massive antiques show - literally booths/tents set up one side and down another of every street in the town. Dealer wares ranged from the fabulous to the idustrial to the military to the practical.

I was not looking for anything in particular - my house runneth over with LOTS of treasures from past excursions.

I went to escape my children for a day (hey, it's August and I am tired of the whining and fighting and I paid a babysitter good money for putting up with it for a day!).

I also went to meet a blogging buddy - Kim from Mimi Charmante!

I have pictured my few purchases above. The cute little vintage "Nest" stamp was meant to be mine! I love old Bingo cards - why? I could not tell you - perhaps for their graphics, black & white simplicity.... Oh, and I found a Big Ben cream colored clock with a brown face for my clock collection.

Knowing that the Junk Bonanza is coming up in September I decided to save my $$$ - I had such good luck there last year!

On a separate note - I know some of you are finding me via the Junk Bonanza Facebook post....WELCOME! I met with Ki today to show her my initial ideas/finds for the Arc Value Village table top I am doing as the Junk Bonanza's Thrifty Mom. Shopping Arc, I have found some wonderful china pieces, great vintage fabric inspiration and other fabulous table top accessories. I look forward to putting it all together. Ki, of course, had many very creative ideas to add!

Great vintage wares are all over Minnesota! Please leave me a comment if you are coming to the Junk Bonanza!

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4 comments on "Oronoco Finds........."
  1. Jill,
    I love your blog! I too was at Oronoco. I was there on Friday. It was hot!! My mom and I plan on checking out Junk Bonanza, we've never been and look forward to it!

  2. Great finds! Oronoco definitely had some fun stuff!! I'll be seeing you at Junk Bonanza!


  3. Oh, now I am getting sad that I am not coming back for the bonanza!!! Please take lots of photos so that I can pretend that I was there...

  4. I've heard about you for the Junk Bonanza event and that you would be styling a table using items from Arc Valu Village. Hopefully, will get a chance to meet you. I am a vendor there this year and will be selling my vintage redesigned jewelry as well as other wares. I'm part of a new shop in Anoka that is called "the French Flea" and a contributor with Amy of Junkologie on the Junk Market site. Here's to a fun time at Junk Bonanza.


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