Simply Fabulous........

I have been very open on this blog about the void left in my life after many of my favorite decorating magazines abruptly stopped being published.

So you can only imagine how thrilled I was to learn that some of my favorites in the publishing business had gotten together to produce a new magazine.

The name of the magazine, Flea Market Style, seems to be right up my bargain hunting alley!

Now dear friends who share my love of all things vintage and home-making related, we must be patient.....this magazine will not makes it's grand debut until Spring 2010. However, in anticipation of the magazine a new blog has been established to chronicle "the makings of a magazine" - with all the behind the scenes information that us fans crave! Plus, the blog offers lots of tips and information for finding vintage treasures and using them in your home!

My new friend Ki Nassauer is one of the co-editors, along with the wonderful Matthew Mead. Blogger friends Heather Bullard and Linda MacDonald from Restyled Home are also contributors.

I hope this little bit of news makes your day brighter....

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3 comments on "Simply Fabulous........"
  1. I am with you!! I can hardly wait for my forvorites to have a new issue and as you said some have gone by the wayside. This new one will be on my list to savor the pages I'm sure. Thanks for the info.


  2. Junk Bonanza sounds like a good excuse for a weekend in MN and the new magazine will definitely be on my check-it-out list. JBWH you have a new "lightness" in your "voice". Makes me happy! GKramer

  3. Well I had heard about the magazine (yeah!), but I hadn't heard about the website...how fun, I'll have to check it out:)



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