Filling a 'Void'.........

I miss my magazines....

Do you hear that magazine publishing companies?

Why did you take my beloved Cottage Living, Domino and Country Home magazines away? I was loyal, always renewing my subscriptions, so much so that I had years left on many of them. Subscriptions I faithfully renewed, expecting to receive my beloved publications. Publishers just replaced my favorites with such unwanted titles as Coastal Living and Ladies Home Journal!

Pathetically, I settled in a few evenings ago with some issue of Cottage Living - my favorite. Yes, I have ALL the published issues of Cottage Living. While completely enjoyable to page through each issue, it was also sad too. I miss my fresh monthly issue full of Heather Chadduck styling that inspired me in my own home.

However, I just discovered a ray of hope for those of us who are magazine fans. A former editor of Domino (another fave) has established a web magazine www.lonnymag.com. While a really fine layout and concept, I am still undecided about the web format. Call me old fashioned but I like to sit in my favorite reading chair with a glass of wine and HOLD a magazine in my hand. Lonny Mag really fills a void however, I especially enjoyed seeing Eddie Ross' home in New York - reason enough for checking it out!

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11 comments on "Filling a 'Void'........."
  1. i miss them, too! i ended up with a "replacement" subscription to Parenting. ummm- NOT the same thing. not even close! i have found a little solace in This Old House magazine... some good stuff! not Heather Chadduck (who works for Coastal Living now, i believe), but nice anyway.
    i'll check out lonny- thanks for the tip!
    have a great night,

  2. I'm with you, Jill. Lonny is beautifully produced but just not the same as reading an actual magazine. I have all the Cottage Livings too and will occasionally pull out all issues from a particular month or season... like now, for instance, I skipped the Octobers so I need to pull those and the Novembers and curl up when the house is quiet. As much as I like having access to magazine websites and their images, and as intrigued as I am by Kindle, I just don't see electronic devices replacing real books and magazines for me. Regarding all the recent closures, I still can't believe that so few are arriving in my mailbox... and I'm afraid to subscribe to anything "new to me" because they might disappear too... Southern Living is one I would order except that its parent company is laying people off left and right, so I've decided not to. I just hope that when the economy improves and people feel free to buy and remodel and redecorate homes again, some of the mags will come back. Fingers crossed! (wow, that was a long comment... shelter magazine talk gets me going!)

  3. I miss the magazines too.
    I will have to check out the web-magazine you speak of, but you're right - it's not the same.

  4. I agree, I miss my magazines so so much. Especially Cottage Living, I loved that one.
    I'll check out your link now!

  5. I so agree with you about missing magazines! I lost at least three different home magazines and a horse magazine! I am really hoping when the economy turns around that there will be more magazines. Electronic media just doesn't replace paper and ink!

  6. I wonder, are virtual magazines the future?! I hope that Coastal Living will continue to exist..., Heather Chadduck did created 3 beach inspired tables in the Nov issue..., I posted my favorite one here

  7. I miss Cottage Living SO much. It changed my style, single-handedly. I heart Heather Chadduck. I miss them. (I miss Country Home, too.) And for reals - web mags are NOT the same!

    sniff sniff.

    pout pout.

  8. I feel the same way Jill. They discontinued TV Guide here a few years ago and I miss it ~ you see I am a TV junkie and I would read it cover to cover. So my friend ~ I feel your pain. If Canadian Living ever ceases to be published I do not know what I will do!

  9. i miss those too. was just looking through all my old ones the past few days. not the same as a brand new one though.

  10. How funny! I blogged about this e-zine on Oct. 30th and since have discovered other bloggers are "discovering" this online magazine. But I do have to agree...the touch of paper is better than the tap of a keyboard :-)


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