Stockings For Sale!

Congratulations to my friend in real life, Allie for winning the stocking/Starbucks giveaway. And to just set the record straight,(ahem, Jermonne from Barn House, are you listening?) the drawing was conducted fair and square. I simply put numbers 1-28 in a bowl and had my sweet 7 year old, Abigail draw a number. Abigail drew the number "11" which was Allie's number! So there.

Because of the interest in my stockings I wanted to offer a few for sale. Please email at jillbeth@aol.com and let me know which number stocking you are interested in purchasing. I am selling them for $10.00 a piece and charging $5 for shipping - so a whopping 15 bucks.

Personally, I will be hanging mine on some of my old cupboard knobs. We already have traditional stockings (red and green - ugh!) that the kids have their little hearts set on using - couldn't convince them that mommy just isn't into decorating with red and green this year.

Nope, they weren't going for the whole vintage burlap look.

This is stocking #1. Dark burlap with 3 small linen rosettes and a handing vintage key.

This is stocking #2. Light burlap with one large linen rosette.

This is stocking #3. Dark burlap with 3 linen "yo-yo's" adorned with two vintage keys and a vintage earring.

This is stocking #4. Dark burlap colored with a single linen rosette backed with light burlap - also has a vintage key dangle.

I will keep this posting up until Tuesday. Again, please email at jillbeth@aol.com if you are interested!

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5 comments on "Stockings For Sale!"
  1. oh...i would love to have stocking #1...i'll email you right now:)


  2. i would love to have some but i need five and hubby ahs no work..but i just want to say these stockings are simply lovely! so simple yet so romantic..you do very nice work and should be very proud of yourself! i am going to follow your blog! i hope you will come see mine! Have a great evening! Stephanie

  3. totally cute and i love that you are crafty!!!


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