Zhu Zhu, how about you?

Cute little sucker, right?

I would love to get my hands on one (or two) of these little buggers....
the "hottest" toy this Christmas season.

My girls BOTH want one - from Santa.

Do you think Santa was lined up at midnight at Toys R' Us to score a few?

I am ashamed to admit but I sent my poor, yet agreeable, husband out into the Zhu Zhu pet madness last night. Yes, the poor guy left the house at 11:30 pm and headed to our local Toys R' Us.

The nice Toys R' Us employee I had spoken to earlier in the week told me (in complete confidence, wink-wink) that Zhu Zhu pets would be plentiful when the doors opened at midnight on Thanskgiving.

I thought - oh, slam-dunk - who the heck shops at midnight at Toy R' Us on Thanksgiving???

Well, needless to say, hubby came home empty handed.

But not before trying REALLY hard to get in the door before the rest of the 800 other "Santas" who had been waiting in line hours to get their hands on the precious little hamster.

I refuse to pay the going rates of $50-$75 or more that these babies are fetching on ebay.....Santa will promise some after Christmas shopping before that happens.

In the meantime, if anyone out there in blogland can help me (I mean "Santa") out, I (I mean "he") would certainly appreciate it!

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7 comments on "Zhu Zhu, how about you?"
  1. i too have been trying to get some of those cuties! no luck! i cant get there soon enough before thier gone! people are camping out! not me! good luck!

  2. Good luck to you too Julie! I am NOT a camper-outer type of gal!

  3. Haven't heard of them before this nor have I seen them up here in Ontario, but I will certainly check it out for you. Are they just called Zhu Zhu, and they look to be plush/furry, is that correct?, do they make noise or move?

  4. Okay, I see what they are now on Toys r Us canada online. I will check out a few places around here while I am out tonight and tomorrow.

  5. Jill, I must say they are really cute! Will keep a look out here in Pa for you.
    I just read your blog on being grateful. My husband was just laid of last week and it put so much in to perspective!
    Will keep your family in out prayers :)

  6. No luck at toysrus, but the guy in our Zeller's toy section said they are expecting them in a week or so.

  7. Sheesh, I've never even heard of that little hamster...and apparently I am the very last one! I'm very impressed your hubby was willing to go out there and try to buy them!!

    I'm really looking forward to Sat., and meeting you Jill :)

    :) T


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