random......but fun!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, our family traveled to Seattle last weekend.

Before we left mama got a new camera! Whoo hoo!

I had fun taking lots of photos
in Seattle/Snohomish until my camera battery went dead mid--shopping at 
Ruffles & Rust Square with Melaine in Snohomish!  Bummer!  

The collage above pretty much sums up the weekend, including the
'ugly-squishy face-i'm tryin' to take a photo' pic of yours truly!

My girlies are having a great summer despite our move to a new neighborhood and
few friends.  My little girl began Suzuki violin lessons last week.  That's her
with the big grin above holding the violin case on her way to her first lesson.

While in Seattle we happened to stumble upon the Four Seasons Hotel where
the Manchester United soccer team was staying and departing shortly.
We stayed long enough for my big girl to get some player autographs, including
from her favorite player, Wayne Rooney!  That's big girl pictured above standing
by the "Man U" bus!

I did make a few purchases while shopping in Snohomish.  I bought a 
reproduction bottle drying rack for my mugs in my new kitchen.  
**I had a BIG one in my Minnesota kitchen that was just too big for our new space -
look for the big one in a Forever*Cottage Tag Sale....coming soon!

I also bought this French basket pictured below.  I don't know where I will hang it but I love it
and know I will find a place either outdoors on my front porch or indoors
on a narrow wall.  I picture it filled with driftwood found at the beach!

I will be shopping, hanging out and generally loitering all.day.long at 
the Barn House sale on July 30.....how about you?  Will you
be there?  
11 comments on "random......but fun!"
  1. I see you have a picture of my favorite store-Watson Kennedy! Love that store! I would love to go to the Barn House sale but it's too far! Take lots of pictures with your new camera and share!
    Happy shopping,

  2. I love Seattle and Snohomish... Such great shopping spots...aren't they? Loved the no grazing sign...

    Warm blessings,

  3. Oh, yes, I will be there too! So excited! I have never been to their flea, just a few of their other sales at the farm.

  4. Oh, how I WISH I was going to be there! Love your pics! Looks like I have yet another destination to add to my "must see" list.


  5. Hi Jill~

    Beautiful stuff you found in my hometown- makes me miss home!
    Thanks for sharing about the Barn House sale- I had no idea it existed and now (to my husband's chagrin) I do! I'm in the 'couve, so Battleground isn't too far . . . ;)

  6. jill,

    LOVE that basket! congrats on the new camera! have fun at the sale!


  7. I have one of those for my coffee cups too and I keep meaning to blog about it. Love your randomness today.

  8. If you can tear yourself away from the boys for a couple of minutes, you should swing down the road from the BH farm and check out A Vintage Gathering happening on the same day. These ladies have great stuff and great prices and a lot of fun.

  9. yay for new cameras
    & new coffee holder thingies.
    forever cottage tag sale? how awesome is that!

    my emi used to take violin. after a few years of begging, she took for about 2 years. i LOVED it. she however quickly decided she did not :(

  10. Watson Kennedy is my favorite as well...did you know they have a lovely blog? I wish you well in the Northwest! At least we are getting some summer now!

    tammy t

  11. I hope the violin lessons are going good for your daughter. I didn't know your family was musically gifted.


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