.....on color.....among other things...

Lots about moving your family across country,  for what seems like
the 100th time, is not fun or in anyway enjoyable.....
my friend is in the thick of it and she has been on my
mind alot recently cause I know it ain't  easy!

I am no expert on the subject, but having gone through
all the hard parts of relocations, I am here to officially proclaim that 
the BEST part of relocation is decorating and fluffing
your new home.....

For me, settling in to a new home has been best accomplished
by thinking of the process as a marathon and not a sprint.  I have made many
thousands of costly mistakes when I buy something quickly and to "fill" an 
empty space in a new home only to find something better and cheaper
down the road.

While I have shown the pretty parts of our new home, there are lots of 
spaces that remain untouched.  And instead of feeling frustrated and working
quickly to fill rooms and choose color combinations I am taking my time....
enjoying the summer with my kiddos.   I am using Pintrest to search
for inspiration for my living room.  This "formal" space
is primarily white but I am inspired to add touches of coral, yellow and teal..

This sure looks "FRESH".....but my translation will be more subtle.....

The walls of my living room are Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl, my new favorite gray.
I need to use the  small sofa I have but am re-making it with a new slipcover in a faded taupe-y/gray 
linen damask.  I plan to add a set of matching chairs that I hope to score
via Craigslist or maybe even {gasp!} Ikea!  

I will add coral/yellow/grey/teal in small doses via soft goods {pillows}
and hard goods {accessories}......

** All images via Pintrest

I am linking up at the handmade home today!

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7 comments on ".....on color.....among other things..."
  1. Beautiful color scheme Jill ~ love it! You're so smart to take your time decorating...it's hard sometimes though isn't it? Everything you've done so far looks amazing!!

  2. I adore your ideas! wonderful!!! I feel so inspired! the color combos on that bird photo is fabulous.

  3. i'm seriously looking into that color...for possibly the whole downstairs:) i want a great neutral, not dark but a color. does that make sense?? i need to find a paint swatch soon. can't wait until the walls are painted. nothing grosses me out more than flat paint and movers sweat stains all over it. whatever you do will be beautiful! give suzanne a squeeze for me when you see her. wish i was there too!!! seems wrong without me.

  4. So pretty! I especially love the first photo of the door and the surfboard. Makes me long to run away and live near the beach.

  5. Yeah, I'm a bit
    jealous that y'all
    get a fresh slate...
    but just a teensy
    bit : ) I love your
    color plans and know
    you'll give them that
    cottage touch, hee hee!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Looking forward to
    the next couple of days.

  6. I would have never thought of this color scheme and I am LOVING it! The coral is just so beautiful and soft but fun with that soft teal!

    Visiting via The Handmade Home partay!

  7. I always recommend Gray Owl or Manchester tan, depending on the accessories and furniture the client has. You don't mess around.


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