Brass is back!

I have a confession.......
I am having a hard time finding my decorating mojo in this new house....

I kind of did the whole white/chippy/shappy thing in our Minnesota cottage
{which by the way can be seen in the recent Flea Market Style magazine!}....

Don't get me wrong, I love that look......but I am wanting to do something different,
get out of my comfort zone, to mix in
some contemporary elements that blend well with my existing 'stuff'.....how that will work, you ask......
 well, I am still trying to figure that one out!

Right now, I am loving BRASS!  Not the polished, fake kind....
but the real, patina'd brass.....gorgeous....

I found this 'vintage' brass coffee table on Craigslist and snapped it up for my living room -
which is currently in a yet-to-be styled state......It is the room that I 
intend to make "my room" and experiment with a new decorating style....
thus the lack of 'mojo' - the pressure to do something fabulous is paralyzing.......

I envision replacing the glass with a honed carrera marble top instead......

I have always had touches of brass in our homes.....like this lamp.....

And these vintage brass candle holders......

I even went with brass hardware in our kitchen.......

So.....what do you think of adding brass?

15 comments on "Brass is back!"
  1. LOVE the coffee table! I've always liked a little bit of brass - the real stuff that is.

  2. love brass! have been considering it in our kitchen as well. nice table! ;)


  3. I love your brass lamp!!



  4. Brass has always been a favorite of mine. I'm a total fan! Love all your brass pieces. Can't wait to show you what I found at a garage sale today! :)


  5. I fell in love with real brass six years ago when we bought our craftman style house- we have real antique brass grate on our fireplace and doors and I just love it. Finding 'good' brass isn't easy though. Just keep that shiny stuff away from me!

  6. I think if
    anyone can do
    it, you can,
    girlie!! And
    I'm already
    smitten with
    your living
    room, so there!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Snapped up
    the last copy
    of FMS at the
    Ridgedale B&N.
    So cool to know
    a celeb : )

  7. Love the coffee table....I am learning to mix silver and brass together, but the shiny fake stuff is no good!

  8. never been a big fan of brass, but i love you coffee table!!! oh and i just bought some brass knobs from anthro for our master bath...so i guess i'm changing my mind a bit;) *word verification is DEMON. how weird is that?? ick!

  9. i think your style is awesome.
    i am in love with that chair/pillow/lamp!
    off to see more pictures of your other home!

  10. Do you still have the letter E on a stand from Anthropologie? The one you were selling? I'm looking for one!

  11. I never stopped liking brass. Not that cheap sprayed on brass but the real deal. I never really understood why it went "out" of style. It gets a little frustrating how we can get into that monkey see monkey do mentality.


  12. For my sake, I really hope it is back. I have a huge brass chandelier hanging in my 2-story foyer and I've wanted it replaced ever since brass went out. I thought about repainting it but I would have to rent a lift just to get to it to take it down. Luckily it's a classic shape and not dated (except for the finish). I also have a brass shower surround and knobs in my master bath. Your brass looks very nice. I have noticed some of the pharmacy lamps at Pottery Barn are an old brass finish too. Yay!

  13. I love your coffee table. That kind of brass is eternal. I mix it with mercury glass too. Fun to see your Minnesota home in FMS, it is beautiful and felt like a friends home! The power of the Blog.

  14. That is a cool coffee table! I like brass and have brass knobs, a gift from my sister and bil, in our kitchen. A few frames too. I would love to find a vintage brass reading lamp like yours.

  15. P.S. I forgot to comment on this! I saw your previous cottage in FMS and it's great! So fun to see all of your hard work! Congrats!


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