Teenagers and forest fires....I know, completely random, huh?

I've been m.i.a. lately, enjoying the important things in life.....
like getting the kids ready for school, which was made much easier this year
due to the fact that they wear uniforms to their Catholic school, phew!  A trip to
the shoe store for some new 'kicks' and we were set....well, besides the 
two page supply list {was it THAT long when we were in school?}.

But, most importantly we celebrated my big girl's 13th birthday!  I know what you
are thinking.....something along the lines of "she can't possibly have a 13 year old!".....ha!

I remember when she was small and thoughtful folks told me to enjoy those years as they 
went by so fast........well they weren't kidding!  And while I have a 13 year old, I can't possibly
be 13 years older than when I brought her home from the hospital in early September 1998!

We celebrated in central Oregon with my parents.  My big girl is a HUGE animal lover so we headed
up to the mountain to visit a Alaskan sled dog team that happens to have a new litter of puppies.

We learned ALOT from the musher Rachel Scidoruss, the first legally blind
musher to run the famous Ididarod sled dog race! Rachel wants her puppies to be handled and held alot as an important part of their initial training to perhaps one day become a member of
her team......my girls were happy to help with that task!

Mostly the puppies just slept while we were there!

We all enjoyed a ride with a sled dog team on a training sled, these dogs are strong!

It was a perfect way to celebrate her special birthday!

We headed home to Portland yesterday......and had quite a smoky ride.  It is forest fire
season here in the Northwest - so often this part of the country is known for all the rain
we receive in the winter months, but often people don't realize that summers are quite dry.

It is sad to see beautiful old growth forests burning.  We pulled over at a viewpoint yesterday so
I could take some photos and the girls could watch the airplanes drop bucket of 
water on the fire - extraordinarily dangerous work!

That's Mt. Washington behind the smoke plumes.  In the foreground is the remains of 
a forest fire that occurred about 6 years ago - lots of charred trees.

I will be back this week with some design posts!

5 comments on "Teenagers and forest fires....I know, completely random, huh?"
  1. What a beautiful day for your girls enjoying time with the pups! Forest fires really make me sad.

  2. That is so sad that those trees were burned out six year ago and remain so desolate.
    Happy teenagehood to your big girl! What a fun way to spend her bday - with adorable pups!! My oldest is turning 13 on 9/14 and I told him tonight I'm not old enough to have a teenager so we're just going to have to have a 12th birthday party for him! (okay, I'm 40 but still!) Where does the time go? A minute ago weren't they just wee babes in infant seats?? :)

  3. Loved reading about your daughter aand life as a Mum - yes the years certainly go fast - I feel young but now I am a Mama of 4 gorgeous grandchildren - the eldest just turned 9 and she is a beautiful young woman - enjoy every minute because it is gone like the blink of an eye. Please feel free to visit my blog and see my beautiful inspiration - my three daughters, now Mums and my grandbabies! You can also see what I now do to fill in my time!
    Jenny @ French Aa La Beach

  4. Happy Birthday to your new teenager! She's adorable! What a special way to spend her birthday! My daughter, my youngest, will be turning 20 in October, now that I can't believe! Seems like yesterday she was just starting her teens! It goes by so fast! You have a lot of fun times ahead!
    Congratulations on your article in Flea Market Style, it was fabulous!

  5. welcome to land of mom of teenagers!!!
    she is such a doll.
    & those puppies!!!

    so sad about the fires though...


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