Made in America

Confession time......

I am a HUGE country music fan.....

I don't like what I see happening to my country.....
{yep, that's what I said}

I am what you might call a fiscal conservative and have a 
HUGE problem with our current 'leadership'......

I have been listening to this song from a great American,
Toby Keith and it reminds me of all the things I love about
America....the REAL America, like regular folks who
work hard for a living, want the government to get
out of their business, don't take our freedoms for granted,
love the values and principles this country was founded on.......

Take a listen and tell me if you don't get goose bumps.....

Ok, off my soap box for tonight.
47 comments on "Made in America"
  1. Thanks Jill. I've heard that song before but never seen the video.

    Personally, I agree with what you have to say.... as well as the song.


  2. Wow. I've always enjoyed your blog. Up till now.

  3. I am ready for the support and criticism, I am who I am and believe entitled to my opinion, as are you. Part of what I hate that has happened is such a violent divide. Sad.
    xo- Jill

  4. The "violent divide" is caused by the finger pointing, in my humble opinion, so let's stop it. The solutions to our many problems weren't caused by one man, and they won't be solved by one man. They were caused by our greedy consumerism (mine included). Yes, you have a right to your opinion, and I have a right to mine. That's the American way. Peace, Cheryl

  5. No fingers pointed. Part of my issue with blogging has been the very unreal 'self' that so many put out there. So...here I am. I love and respect everyone's perspective, what I hate is the judgement dealt to those who express an opinion, yuck!
    xo- Jill

  6. Yay Jill!! It's sad when you can't say what you want on YOUR blog for fear of people judging you for your opinions. And for folks that liked your blog until now, how sad are they?!!

    Conservatives have manners and had you went in the opposite direction, you wouldn't of heard a peep & would still love your blog.

    Express away!!

  7. I think Cheryl above said it perfectly. As for a "REAL" America, what is that exactly? I find it interesting that you would attempt to define it. I assure you that although we may have different opinions, those of us who were born or naturalized on this soil are all very much REAL Americans.

  8. Isn't the "violent divide" only widened by an all-caps declaration of what constitutes the REAL America? Kind of implies that the rest of us are...what? Pretend Americans? Seems pretty devisive to me.

    Love your home/decor posts.

  9. Wow, and I thought I would be criticized for loving country music! Ha!
    xo - jill

  10. Jessie - are you not a real American? Sorry for the caps!
    xo- jill

  11. lol~ wow girl you created quite a little stir! ;)
    Love your blog and you being "you"!!If people don't like it then they can just stop reading/commenting! xoxo Rachel

  12. Hey Jill,

    I love this song to. I love what inspired it and its message. It has been researched and documented that many of our consumer go to "Name Brands" are manufactured in a foreign country and still expensive but there are some "Off Brands" that are less expensive AND American made!! Take Dollar Tree cards for example: 2 for $1 they are made in America...Hallmark a foreign manufacturer and I don't think you can get 1/2 a card for $1.

    I LOVE country music. Thanks for sharing. I love learning about others thoughts and opinions. You can share yours, I can share mine and we can agree to accept how each other feels.

    You are GREAT Jill.

    ♥ Ashley


  13. Awww shucks Ashley, I love ya'all, no matter how anyone feels, we are blessed to live in a country where we can freely express our opininions - that is often taken for granted. Tonight, I felt it was time to express mine as I sit proudly and watch our US Women's soccer team play Canada. My big girl and hubby are lucky to be there watching! Go USA!!!

  14. Hi Jill,
    I'm not American :) i'm English and live in the Uk but i just had to confess too and let you know i LOVE country music too,

  15. Yea for country music fans everywhere!
    xo- Jill

  16. Hoorah for the USA and for all the freedoms we enjoy!!
    Speak away...I agree!

  17. So proud of you! You come from a long line of outspoken females . . . glad you're on the "right" side!

  18. I am so conflicted on your choice to voice your views. Right now, I am trying to rebuild a long standing friendship which I almost lost because I expressed my feelings on social and political issues which are different from hers. Which she expresses freely. Presenting a different viewpoint was not at all well received. While I believe in the right to voice my thoughts (and yours), my experience tells me this is dangerous territory.

  19. If this is the most dangerous territory I enter in today, I think I am doing pretty good. All the US military personnel serving in dangerous war zones today, protecting mine and your freedoms - now that is dangerous territory! Me, taking some hits on my yet undefined, but perhaps it's a decorating/design/vintage blog, driving kids to school, hitting a spinning class to work off last night's Dairy Queen, a trip to TJ's to get makings for an appetizer to bring to a girlfriend's house this evening.....not dangerous, but lucky, fortunate and something I don't take for granted!

    I am a big girl, I can take it. Just a bit suprised how anyone, no matter your political views could take exception to the video. All I can think is that the discord came down to two words....and I am ok with that. In the past I have been asked to be more personal on my blog, to share more....I did just that and am totally ok with the 698 {so far} of you who have stuck around!

    It's all good....

  20. I didn't listen to the video (haven't ever heard the song) because I don't like country music. ;) If I didn't agree with you I would have just moved on. No biggie. I am a born again Christian and I base my political (and every other) decisions on what the Bible says. Sadly, our country, our churches, our lives (and my own life sometimes) is far from what it should be. :(

  21. It's a bummer when expressing patriotic sentiments is seen as negative, isn't it? It amazes me when people spend more time finding what is *wrong* with this country than what is right. We enjoy so many freedoms here, and they have been hard-won. Politics can be polarizing, but you are certainly entitled to cover whatever ground you wish on your own darn blog. Another freedom we enjoy as Americans! ;-)
    p.s. I LOVE Toby Keith!

  22. I LOVE your blog Jill, and love it even more now! Good for you for expressing your opinion! I share your opinion and pray to God for the sake of our country that our current leadership will be shown the door in the upcoming election. I sure can't take another four years of disappointment and failure.

  23. I love this song, this video and Toby Keith! I am not sure what there is to dislike or disagree with. I find it funny that there are folks on this blog that are so defensive over what Jill has posted. If you disagree, you disagree. Period. She is not defining anything. She is not saying "Real Americans" have to fly a flag, attend a patriotic parade, buy merchandise made in the USA, serve their country, take pride in the history/heritage/traditions of America....but should't we want to? That IS American. Love you Jill.

  24. I have loved reading your blog for a while now ... and will continue to do so. I happen to agree with everything you said, and the what the video represents, but even if I didn't it's your right to post whatever you wish on your blog ... and that right, folks, is because we live in the land of the FREE! People get riled up about the darnest things ... it's a blog people ... if this post "ruined your day" then you really need to straighten out your priorities :)

  25. We here at the show love you and your ideas. Keep it real!

  26. Hi Jill...love your blog and especially love this one. Also love country music...two lines pretty much sums it up Red white and blue flying high on the farm...semper fi tattooed on his left arm. Really brought tears to my eyes. I have a son that served in the Marine Corp and one that served in the Air Force are they are both Canadian but proudly served in the USA... keep blogging and don't hesitate to voice your opinion.
    Thanks again Renee

  27. EVERYBODY knows that politics stirs unrest. And all 698 of your followers know it's your right to say whatever you want on YOUR blog...BUT, maybe some things are better left unsaid. That's just polite.

  28. Wow! Just a little surprised that a designing blog would take such a very naive point of view about the current state of the world. I believe in free speech but I don't want to hear it while looking for new ideas on how to decorate my living room. My husband is in the military and when yours has joined then I listen to your point of view. When you are alone for a year and a half while he is at war, then you will know what it is to sacrafice for a wonderful country. By the way, it was a republican in charge when he was sent over. I have known wonderful people who lost their lives over a decision I don't agree with, but I believe in the democrat system and even though I don't agree with you my husband fights so you can have your opinion without fear of retaliation.

  29. Oooohh...this was a HOTTIE wasn't it, Jill? Nothing like a little Toby Keith to get people's blood pumping, eh? Wait...it was Toby Keith that did it, right?? Lol!

    Why, oh why did you have to go so far away, my friend? I believe we could have had some fabulous conversations over a cupcake...or two. ;o)


  30. I love Toby Keith~enough said :)
    Love ya Jill! Melaine

  31. I support your right to say what you feel but the words REAL America implies that if your left leaning that you're not included. It's that lack of inclusiveness that has increased our divide. I hope that we can all become more tolerant of one another & try not to stereotype. I'm a fairly liberal Democrat that likes country music. BTW- Toby Keith is a Democrat!

  32. I know I don't usually comment but I always applaud anyone that actually stands for something.

    "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything."
    -Alexander Hamilton

    Only when people actually start a conversation can anything change. Too many are so worried about being politically correct that we are destroying our country. It is good to have an opinion and brave to share it. This is your place to share it. Why would't you have a right to share your views on your decorating blog? You should be able to share what ever you need to here..and you did it in a respectful way

    You were never saying that anyone is general was not an American. Anyone that lives in this country is blessed to call them self American.

    Whether people agree with you or not...thank you for sharing and encouraging debate (even if you didn't intend on doing that:-)).

  33. I find it fascinating that some
    feel it is "not polite" to express
    an opinion on the current state
    of our country or the implication
    that you should stick to design
    ideas only. I'd say there are too
    few SAHM bloggers willing to stick
    their necks out and be real and I
    applaud you for being one of that
    minority! We've come to the point
    where "being polite" trumps everything,
    including national pride and that right
    we all hold so dear, freedom of speech.
    Please, keep speaking from the heart!
    xx Suzanne

  34. Why is the word leadership in quotations? As a patriotic, constitution loving American- we all need to show respect for the current President (even if we don't agree with him).

  35. Interesting the take on "leadership" by some. I thought it referred to the whole darn group back there, not just one man. There is a difference to me in the two words.....leader and leadership.

  36. I put the word "leadership" in quotations because I would not describe anything that is happening in our government right now to be considered leadership. And yes, I respect the office of the President but also respect our Constitution which gives me the right to disagree freely, as so many did with President Bush, - I DO NOT take that for granted, and neither should you.


  37. I agree with all you have said Jill. Being a former military person and now married to a military person - this stance of having to show respect to the president is absurd. Respect is earned and honestly, I don't think he has earned it at all. The military has to do what they are ordered to do- they do not have to respect the order. But they do what they are told so that we can all have freedom of speech and many other rights. Without freedom of speech how will things be noticed and corrected.
    This country is in a terrible place all do to this so called doing the polite thing. I believe in speaking the truth - like they say sometimes the truth hurts. But don't they also say - the truth will set you free?
    Stay true to you and always say what you want. And for those that are upset that you posted a political reference on a decorating blog; I always thought this was a life blog..

  38. I am so glad you got your SOAP BOX on. Socialism, Communism, and Marxism cannot occupy the same space as CAPITALISM. The only reason we have a divided country is because the fiscal conservatives are finally standing up to what is right and not compromising. I refuse to compromise my FREEDOM. I want to live in your REAL America. Thanks for sharing. More people need to take a stand for this great Country we live in.

  39. Funny, I saw your Toby keith post, and thought, oh, isn't that nice! Didn't even think to comment... then saw the reactions... OH MY GOODNESS! (yes, caps!)
    As a PROUD military wife, we love Toby Keith and I find it hard to believe he is a democrat, as one commentor claimed! ;) No, seriously, you have the right to say whatever you want on YOUR blog...keep it comin'! Don't let the haters bring you down!

    XOXO from NC! :)

  40. I just happened upon your blog and I love your style. Will become a follower. I enjoyed reading the comments from this post. Do you suppose the "Red Solo Cup" video would cause such an uproar too? ha! You are entitled to voice your opinion any way you wish on your blog.

  41. Hadn't heard that song. Love it. I agree...if you posting a Toby Keith video is really upsetting, we're all living the good life for sure. That we have access to computers inside our mansions (by world standards), manufactured heat and cold air, and can sip a cup of coffee while reading decorating blogs...and then complain because we're offended...ay-yi-yi.

  42. You go girl!!!!!!!
    It's too bad we are not all as articulate as you!
    I'm proud to be an American and so glad to know that folks such as yourself agree with my view of the country today!
    Thank you for commenting for me!!

  43. Jill, You are da bomb! Expressing what one thinks as a conservative is always a risk these days, but one that we must be willing to take. Love your blog, love your "STRONG CONSERVATIVE WOMAN RISK TAKING" (yep, that's right- all caps, quotations included. Love, another JILL

  44. I just came across your blog from Pinterst and randomly clicked on this old post. I am picky about the blogs I keep up with due to the little time I have but after seeing this post, I think I like you and will start folloing your blog! Thanks for standing up for REAL America! I bet those people that made those hater comments in 2011 have a different view point today! (or at least they should!) :)

    1. Thank you Patti! I REALLY appreciate you taking time to write. Yes, I HOPE many of those from 2011 have CHANGED their mind!


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