User friendly.....

Don't get me wrong....
I love the open shelving we added in our kitchen...
but I have struggled with how to style it.

You know, the perfect balance between looking photo worthy at all times,
accessibility for the kiddos to reach a cereal bowl and above all else, their
ability to put the dishes away when they empty the dishwasher
 {definitely not photo worthy}!  

Basically, my first go-round was proving unsuccessful in all above categories!

Last week, I spent some time tweaking my open kitchen shelves.  I moved
our basic/everyday bowls, sandwich plates etc...to a drawer below the upper cabinets for
easy access for my family.  Then, I brought in some of my brown transferware pieces, 
ironstone pitchers and most importantly, my wine glasses {cause momma can put
these babies right back where they go!}.

I like the mix of old sliver, glass, white ironstone and a bit of transferware -
it's a combination that has always seemed to work for me.

A special thank you to all of you who entered the Uber Chic giveaway.....
I read every single comment!  The winner of the giveaway is........
wait.......the "One Vintage Hag"!!!!!  For some reason, that name just cracks me up!
So, if you are "one vintage hag", please send me an email so I can get your pillow to you!
14 comments on "User friendly....."
  1. Hi Jill, I agree with you. But your pictures are great. I have toyed with doing this too...hmmm...I love your arrangement, the silver, the white dishes. Love it all. What I don't see is the stray coffee cup from church or work that has Mickey Mouse on it! Hahahaha...I end up with the dorkiest cups that people leave at my house...oh well...not photo worthy!

  2. Love your transferware, and your cupboard looks great! Moving the kids things to a drawer was a great idea too.

  3. Ok, I never thought I was say this...but I wish I was One Vintage Hag! Lol!

    Your shelves look fabulous, by the way! ;o)

    Hope all is well...


  4. i just did my open shelving!!! I love it, I really wish I had three shelves, two for everyday stuff and the top one for pretties!! but no, my kids are tall so all the dishing need to go on top..I am loving how yours look, with the plates against the back!!! and the colors!

  5. you did a great job. you have pretty things to display. my plastic plates and chipped up mismatch stuff might not look so hot!

  6. Beautiful! I love the cream color and the wainscotting. :)

  7. It looks perfect to me! Love all your dishes stacked on the shelf. Like I said, perfection!

  8. Jill, I think your shelves look great! I'm dreaming about open shelving these days and yours inspire me.

  9. It is looking good!! I love the ironstone!! And the silver!

  10. I love this! I just did a post on styling our shelves too, and it can be tricky. You did a great job. The mix of white, transferware, silver and glass is beautiful!

  11. So proud of you! You come from a line of outspoken females!

  12. I love all of it! I wish you could come to MPLS, I need your HELP!

  13. I love ironstone too. Cute display...and blog! I'm following. :-)




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