I took exactly 10 pictures at Farm Chicks....{and here they are!}

First, I must apologize.  I went to Farm Chicks and did not bring a real camera.
{just my trusty iPhone}

I did that totally on purpose.

I went to Farm Chicks for a getaway, to hang with my girlfriends,
to hunt for great finds, see old friends, enjoy some adult
beverages along with some yummy food........and I am 
happy to report that I successfully accomplished all of the above!
Plus, I managed to take 10 pictures with my iPhone.

Spokane is good 5 hours away from Portland, but with girlfriends and a speedy
mini {van NOT cooper - heeeyyy, Kasey}the trip goes super fast.  The drive
is also beautiful - through the great Columbia Gorge and then through eastern Washington.
The photo above was taken in eastern Washington.

When we arrived in Spokane, we headed straight for a relatively new vintage
shop called 'Pink'.  Pink is owned by a friend, the lovely Celeste Shaw who
also happens to own the best restaurant in Spokane, Chaps.  Pink is
just awesome - a mix of lots of industrial pieces along with a bunch 
of chippy stuff with reproduction pieces mixed in.  So good!

My hubby works for a pharmaceutical company so the sign above was tempting
for his office.....

See the moose?  It is a taxidermy form - used to stretch the hides over when 
they were getting....ahem......'stuffed'!

On Friday night we headed to Chaps - where Celeste had reserved primo tables for us.  
We met up with a group of gals from Minnesota - many of whom are Junk Bonanza 
vendors and had come to Farm Chicks for fun, the fabulous Melaine from My Sweet Savannah
who has become a friend {she is real and nice}, Tiffany Dixon {The Fancy Farmgirl} and 
Beth Quinn {from Beth Quinn Designs}.  We were an eclectic group and felt so 
warmly welcome by Celeste who is really the most generous and gracious hostess! 

We ended our night out by posing for pictures in front
of Tiffany 'new' truck - how awesome is it?????
How cheesy are we?

On Saturday morning, it was time to get our shop on!
We were lucky to have Early Bird tickets but unlucky to have
to stand in the pouring rain waiting to get in!  It was horrible - 
cold and wet but it did not seem to dampen {huh!} the enthusiasm
once Serena opened the doors!

Almost my first stop was Uber Chic's booth.  I purchased my bench from them 
last year and I just love that they bring items exclusively from Europe.  This year,
their booth was awesome!  Can you see the dyed grain sacks in the photo above?
They were SO awesome!  Ingenious, I tell ya!  It really gives some
'oomph' to the traditional grain sack.  I purchased a yellow one for my
living room. Wish I would have purchased more!  I think we will
be seeing alot more of them incorporated into contemporary design.

Uber Chic also brought a ToN of crates, demijohn jugs, glass canning jars, baskets and
wooden cutting boards.  Needless to say, we spent alot of time in their booth over
our two days at the show.

If you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend The Farm Chicks show.  It's a blast!
And by the looks of the photo above, taken of our full mini, I think
we successfully got our shop-on!

10 comments on "I took exactly 10 pictures at Farm Chicks....{and here they are!}"
  1. Thanks for the wonderful memories. I love looking around my house of all my past Farm Chick finds and remembering the good times. This is truly what life is about. Let the countdown begin for 'til next year!! C

  2. What fun!!! And your pics turned out great!

  3. We were at Pink with you!! Kathy and I flew in from Orlando and went straight to Pink and then to Chaps. Celeste is amazing!
    I'm still on my Farm Chick high, another great show.
    Great post!! It's hard to put that camera down. You did good! I still have not posted, maybe today.
    Maybe we will see you next year!!

  4. It sounds like such fun! I would love to go one day!

  5. well at least your 10 pictures are good ones. looks like you all had a great time. someday i will get to that show. thanks for sharing.

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful time and found some amazing things! Thanks for sharing!

  7. That drugs sign would have been perfect! Great pillows. So glad you had fun. Still can't get over how much I love your hair. So cute on you.

  8. Hi just found your blog and it's great and I love love love farm chicks!! I saw your table and fell in love!!

  9. Oh, dear I am jealous! Would love to go! (but Georgia is quite a haul from the northwest!)

  10. Did you know that Celeste doesn't own pink anymore and it was always owned by four women? Boy, those misconceptions....


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