Best design blogs......

As much as I have felt neglectful of my little blog during
these busy summer months, I thought it was high
time to provide some new blog links along my sidebar.  

I added blogs that I go to when I can - to be inspired, to get
a good chuckle,  to learn how to be more organized in my home,
find a beautiful new fabric, etc......

I hope you like them too.

Happy, peaceful Sunday!

3 comments on "Best design blogs......"
  1. Thank heavens for Instagram right??:) Keeps us plugged in;) Thanks for having me on your list. I really do appreciate it girlie!!!

  2. I second B's emotions....
    all of 'em! Thanks for
    including my humble
    blog in your list. You
    are the best and YOU

    xo Suzanne

  3. I love your Happy Place sign. I assume it refers to your home. My home truly is my Happy Place.


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