{simple} Raspberry and Blueberry Jam....

I successfully canned raspberry and blueberry jam!
And I am here to tell you, it was easy peasy.....a messy and sticky 
process, but fun and so satisfying as you hear your jars
"pop" and knowing you successfully sealed your jam!

I got my berries at the Portland Farmer's Market - yea for
supporting local farms!  I got a flat of raspberries and a 
flat of blueberries.

I had researched the internet for recipes and 'how-to' tips,
visited Williams-Sonoma for the specific tools I felt I needed -
I invested in a jar lifter, magnetic lid lifter and a jar funnel -
{all purchased at fancy-shmancy WS for about $20}.

Now as for the recipe - I wanted it to be as SIMPLE as possible,
low sugar and no pectin.  My "recipe" is mine - based on what I
learned from a variety of websites and books I checked out
at my local library.  And while I know that 4 cups of sugar sounds
like alot - it turns out to be a lot less than many recipes call for!


{Simple} Raspberry Jam

8 cups raspberries
4 cups sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Mash raspberries and combine with sugar and lemon juice.  Bring 
mixture to a low boil and let reduce and thicken.  Fill sterilized jars and
proceed with canning process {water bath}.


*I also did the very same with blueberries - although it did not
thicken as much as the raspberries, we have been enjoying the 
blueberry jam on pancakes and waffles.

I was really intimidated to do the actual canning process, as opposed
to making freezer jam.  However, I seemed to get the hang
of it relatively quickly and found it to be rather simple.  And
like I said above - so satisfying when my jars started to 'pop', 
signaling that they were properly sealed.

It takes ALOT of berries to make jam, and while I was tempted
to double the recipe, many sites I went to for help really 
discouraged that.  I guess it is better to work in small 
batches which is time consuming!  I found that with my
flats of berries I got about 5 jars of jam from each.  I am
definitely tempted to get more berries and make more!

Please email me with any questions - if I can do it, anyone can!

{I am excited to be going to the Barn House Flea Market
again this Saturday......who else is going????}

1 comment on "{simple} Raspberry and Blueberry Jam...."
  1. I loved making jams
    and canning peaches
    in my Chicago days,
    when I had an abundance
    of peaches and TIME : )

    Your recipe sounds great.
    So proud of you for tackling
    this successfully. Bravo!

    xo Suzanne


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