Creatively Made Home {giveaway!}....

Sarah, Jeanne, Kim, Tracey, Jen

As you know, creating a home that is comfortable, pretty,
personal and welcoming is my passion.  I share that passion
with many talented blogging friends, five of whom are pictured above.

The creative and gracious Jeanne Oliver has brought this group of ladies together to
teach a online course called Creatively Made Home. Please click
on the link to learn more about the class.....

I am excited to give away ONE course to a lucky
Forever*Cottage reader!

Because fall always has my head swimming with ideas for
how I would like to re-decorate, re-organize, cook a new meal,
begin a new routine/habit, I would like you to tell me (in the comments)
what it is that you are dreaming about for your
your home this fall.  I will pick the winner 
on Wednesday, August 29 by noon PST.

Good luck!

10 comments on "Creatively Made Home {giveaway!}...."
  1. We are a few months into living in a short sale home. It has amazing bones, but I'd love to start putting more of our touches on the inside of our house..

  2. Hello Jill - I need a creative kick in the butt to get going again in our home. It seems like Summer put everything inside on hold and nothing has been done. It would be wonderful to attend the online class and get the inspiration flowing once again!

  3. This giveaway has been on my mind since I've heard about it. I'd love help with this charming old house we're in and putting our family's touches on it.

  4. WOW what a great giveaway!!! I am looking forward to transitioning my home into a cozier feel for the fall.

    ♥ Ashley


  5. Oh I would love this giveaway! I want to add COLOR to my home this fall...golds, oranges, greens, plaids and bring the outdoors in with leaves, branches, pumpkins, pinecones. Every year I love fall more and more. Quickly becoming my new favorite season???

  6. I am dreaming of organizing and calm! The fall has always felt like the "New Year" to me, as a time to take stock, slow down, relax and set goals.

  7. I can't wait to buy pumpkins, put them all over my porch and start burning pumpkin spice candles...I can't wait!

  8. I am dreaming about a cozier room and fires in the fireplace.

  9. I'm trying to tackle redecorating a rental home where I have very limited painting options, and zero remodeling options.

  10. Well, you know, obviously I'm dreaming about a kitchen redo on the cheap!

    Yay Fall!


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