Unexpected {gifts} blessings.....

Receiving and giving gifts is one of life's greatest blessings......

Finding the perfect gift for someone is a joy....
and sometimes an elusive occurrence, but when it happens
it is a happy-dance moment. I love watching someone
I love open a gift that is uniquely perfect for them. Nothing
says "I get you" more than that!

Being the recipient of thoughtful gifts recently, makes me 
want to be a better gift-giver......

Recently, I received two very thoughtful and PERFECT gifts
for me.  The first gift was received in the mail {isn't that the best?}
from a blogger who has become a friend, Mary THE
Urban Farmgirl. Mary is an extraordinary seller of vintage, a talented
photographer, a house 'flipper', a dreamer, a traveler, 
a kind and thoughtful friend to many
and a lover of country music {like me!}.  Mary learned of my
Swedish heritage after I purchased a sign from her last year.  
She recently came across this vintage Bible written in Swedish 
and thought of me!  Not many would find a vintage Swedish Bible
particularly special, but thinking I would, Mary gifted
me this wonderful treasure.

The second gift was from a Portland friend who was 
lucky enough to travel to France this summer to celebrate
her 40th birthday.  She knows I have a special group of girlfriends -
and we refer to ourselves as the "Radishes" - I know, completely
weird, but there is a story - a long story that I don't need to go
into right now......but this French traveling friend, although not 
fortunate enough to be a "Radish" but knowing how important those 
friends are to me{ha!}........found this small plant stake 
at a store in France and knew I would love it.  And I do! I love it,
because it says "radish" in French,  but I love it even more
because it's a reminder that I have 
a thoughtful friend who knows me well. 

I was meeting my friend for dinner the evening she
gave this to me and I think she said something
along the lines of...."I have something silly, small
to give you from my trip....".....

This gift may be small {in size} but it proves that
small, thoughtful and meaningful beats big, flashy,
and shiny any day!


What they say is true....it's REALLY the thought that counts!

Have you been blessed with any thoughtful gifts lately? Do tell....

11 comments on "Unexpected {gifts} blessings....."
  1. that was a sweet gift!! one of my favorite people sent me a gift certicate for a spa day...it's for when i come to see her on vacay. she sent it before i booked my vacay. securing my spot on that plane even further;)

  2. On my wedding anniversary, my mom gave me her cleaning lady for the day... best gift in a loooong time!

  3. A good friend and her husband stopped by unexpectedly from their trip this week to drop off a special gift that reminded them of my house. Not only was the gift a perfect fit for our bedroom but the work "believe" was printed on it and not knowing the week I had was more than a perfect reminder for me. I love friends...

  4. Ah, that was so sweet Jill! I'm touched that you loved my "little" gift so much!! It looks very cute in your garden! See you soon!

  5. How sweet! Yes, my dearest friend who lives across the country from me recently sent me a gift out of the blue. It's a copy of Plenty, a vegetarian cookbook. She thought of me when she saw it. I was very touched, and what a great surprise!

  6. more photos of your house pls! That would be a great gift to me! :) Love you!

  7. Loved reading this post....I do LOVE giving special gifts....my sweet friends have even said I have a gift for it...I am convinced it is just thinking of those we care about wherever we go....which is the true meaning of having a servant's heart. I recently got a new puppy and was posting pictures on facebook. A dear friend downloaded one of my photos and framed it in a frame she embellished with rhinestones. I now use that photo as my "contact" picture on my website....so thoughtful.

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  9. I have received many gifts given without thought...those hurt my heart, But those given with thought make me do the happy dance for sure.

  10. Your vintage bible is very pretty but I am sorry to say it is not in swedish. I am danish and know swedish very well - it is very close to danish and the swedish and danish people have no problem understanding eachother. I do not know what language it is but it is not swedish, I am sorry...
    Christine from Denmark

  11. The bible is probably lithuanian. Wrote some of the text in langeugedetector.com...
    Lina from Sweden


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