Rest, recovery....and winners!

Thanks for being patient with me.....I promised to announce
the Junk Bonanza prize winner yesterday, but true to form,
I am late....again.

I had oral surgery {over sharing?} last Thursday
and the recovery has been rather uncomfortable.  Our
family headed to central Oregon for the weekend so momma
could take it easy and do a whole lot of nothing at my parents house.

We are back and I am feeling better!

I took these Instagram photos over the weekend - I don't
remember if my oral surgeon prescribed wine but it seemed
to help my recovery!

So without further adieu  - the winner of the Junk Bonanza giveaway is:


I will be contacting you vickiatthelake to arrange for you
to get your prizes!  Congratulations!

2 comments on "Rest, recovery....and winners!"
  1. Glad you are feeling better. Enjoy the rest of your summer

  2. I hope you are feeling back to normal Jill. I'm POSITIVE the wine helps.


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