I bow to all you faithful do-it-yourself-ers out there......

I am on day #2 of my simple planking project and have
nothing to show you ....... YET.

Whenever I try to DIY I discover a few things about myself...

* I am not patient

* I embrace imperfection

* I much prefer hiring professionals to execute my ideas

* I am extremely uncomfortable with
creating messes in my house {can you say OCD?}

I hope to return next week with fab "after photos"......

2 comments on "diy..."
  1. LOL! Hang in there Jill. The mess will be worth it once the project is complete.

    I'm in a similar situation right now. It's amazing how painting a single room can have such a cluttering effect in the rest of the house. I'm also on day two and I'm getting a little twitchy to get this back in place.


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