Happy Birthday to me.....and a giveaway for you!

Win a Design Board
Today is my birthday. 
 Unfortunately, I am blogging from 
my cozy bed - I am down and out with a nasty cold
 - no bueno.

This week, my friend Jeanne Oliver wrote a beautiful post 
that really resonated with me.....I encourage you to take the
time to read her words. I feel fortunate to have many 
women in my life like the special ones she has in hers.

Inspired by Jeanne, and to celebrate my birthday, 
I would like to give away a design board to one
lucky Forever*Cottage reader.  Basically, you pick
a room in your house, send me photos, tell me your 
likes/dislikes, budget, how you use the room, and other
pertinent information and I design a room for you. 

Sound good?

To Enter:
** Simply leave me a comment telling me 
which room in your home you would like
my help with - don't worry, if you win you can
change your mind, I won't hold you to it.
** added 4/18 - I will close comments and choose
a winner at 6:00 pm PST tonight!

36 comments on "Happy Birthday to me.....and a giveaway for you!"
  1. Happy birthday! I know the feeling...spending my 30th in bed recovering from surgery! Hopefully you feel well enough in time to celebrate! :) I would love to have you design my bathroom or my master bedroom! Thanks for hosting a fun giveaway!

  2. Happy Birthday n Many More!!!!!
    I would love you to help me with my living area in a log home we bought in September but I have been In Wyoming taking care of my Father who went to heaven March 11. We plan to go to Oklahoma next week I have only spent 12-13 days there after moving our stuff from Texas. Then returned to care for my Dad. God took that job away now it is time to work on our home. Help me if you can!
    Kathy Haught @ toohaught@msn.com

  3. Happy Birthday Jill! What a bummer to be sickly on your b-day. Hope you get better as the day goes by. We moved into this house last June. Upstairs there's a room that is supposed to be a game room but our kids are grown and we don't need a game room. I'd love for it to be a fun gathering place/family room with cottage style. I'll be reusing a red sofa that is like new. Most of all I want this space to be friendly and usable. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

  4. Happy Birthday! My family and I are all recovering from a nasty cold as well so I feel your pain!

    Help designing our living room would be a major help! We have lived in our home for 4 years now and our living room is the one room I just can't seem to "get right". It's a small room right off the front door. We are a casual family and would like a nice, comfortable space to enjoy with our two small children!

    Thanks! I hope you feel better soon

  5. Happy Happy Birthday!!I hope you feel better soon and can enjoy your special day.
    I would love some help with my family room. It's the room I'm in most so I'm always struggling with how it looks and it's function(I'm currently trying to figure in a sewing nook). I know the look and feel I want, just don't know how to get it.

    Take care,
    tcupps @ gmail.com

  6. Hi . Hope you have a great birthday despite being under the weather. I would love some help with our family room. We are considering adding built-ins around the fireplace and need help with some additonal furniture and placement. I want it to be a great area for hanging out and conversing. Rochelle

  7. What a sweet idea! Would love to have your talent touch my house!!

    Happy Birthday

  8. Happy Birthday!!! I'm sorry you are under the weather on your special day....I hope you feel better SOON! I would love help with our home office. I simply don't have time to tackle it right now so there it sits half way done! LOL

  9. Happy Happy Birthday!! Sorry you're not feeling the best on your special day...

    I would love your help with our family room. It has great beginnings. But, it truly needs the tweaks and finishes to make it a NOW space rather than.... the room that happened by using everything we already had in our last home kind of space.

    Excited about the possibilities!

  10. Oh Happy Birthday!!! You will have to have a "do-over" day and celebrate! Just about any room could use your help but I guess I would pick our eat in kitchen area...lots of design obstacles! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  11. Happy Birthday! Sorry you aren't feeling well.

  12. haha! You know how bad I want this? And you are doing this on your birthday?! So sweet! I'm gonna pick my room after I win :) xoxo, feel better and happy day! Melaine

  13. Hi Jill, Boy, I could use this Design Board for our family room. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  14. Happy Birthday, Jill! I am sorry to hear that you're sick on your special day. I could definitely use some design help with our family room. I love your style!

  15. I would love to redo my master bathroom. Thanks for the opportunity and happy birthday!

  16. First happy birthday! Not fun to be sick on your day... !

    Please, please pick me! I redid my living room half way in the summer with paint and a few new items but then STALLED at any color or meaningful accessories and it needs help and another eye. and I can't make the fireplace work and I NEED YOU :)


  17. Happy Birthday (and hope you feel better soon)! I would LOVE some help with our office space. It's the only room in the house that hasn't had some form of remodel. It is such a mix of leftovers right now. Thank you for the entry!

  18. Happy Birthday!!!

    I desperately need your help with my basement. It's a large family room that my children used to ride bike in....now I'm trying to cozy it up for more living space. With 3 kids 5 and under I feel my mommy brain has taken over and I've lost all decision making powers. I love your style and would LOVE your help. Get better soon!

  19. Happy Birthday!! I hope you feel better sooner enough to enjoy some festivities. I would love your help with just about any room in my house but it would be a toss up between the master bedroom and my kid's game room.

  20. Since I don't have a house at the moment (still looking), I don't need a design board but I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday and feel better!!!


  21. Happy Birthday! So sorry you are under the weather for your special day. Thanks for the chance to win a design board - I would love some help with my living room.

  22. Happy birthday! I would love some help with my living room, which looks embarrassingly similar to how it looked when we moved our furniture into our new build one year ago!

  23. Happy Birthday to you! I love your style and you just might be the help I NEED! I have a home office that I have been stuggling over for 2 months now. I am at a standstill. I sold most everything I had in there on craigslist, or repurposed it to other areas in our home. I am left with a beautiful secretary desk and that is it! I need storage for papers, odds and ends-and some STYLE! Paint, drapes, lighting, rug, chair, and paper storage!!!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE your help! Nancy
    nmort at comcast dot net

  24. Happy Birthday!!! I am so sorry that you aren't feeling well. You are going to have to celebrate big after you are feeling better!!

    I'd love help with my daughter's room. She is just about to move out of her crib and into a big girl bed. I'd love help with bed, patterns, and everything else!
    Amy G

  25. Happy Birthday.. Need desperate help with my bedroom.. It's dreadful!

  26. Hope you were able to relax on your birthday even though you were ill. Thanks for your offer. My bedroom is sad. Brown walls...boring. I have lots of great photos and paintings of our yearly anniversary beach trips with no way to showcase correctly and beautifully! Please help. Emily.hare@verizon.net

  27. Oh friend, I'm so sorry that
    you weren't in top form, today!
    {But your hair sure looked pretty.....!}

    My bedroom leaps to mind when I
    think of a design board. It's always
    at the bottom of The List of things
    to refresh!

    Off to take a look at Jeanne's post.
    Hopefully you rallied and had a nice
    b-day dinner!

    xo Suzanne

  28. Happy Birthday Jill!! My master bedroom & porch are next on the "to do" list!!!
    Feel better soon!!

  29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jill! I would love your help with a design board for our family room. This room has a view of the lake (still frozen in MN)but I am having a hard time with the furniture placement to make the best of the lake view.
    Have a wonderful day! vickiatthelake@aol.com

  30. i desperately need help deisigning the master bedroom in my house. i am not really starting from scratch but need some help in pulling together all of the pieces i have accumulated. thanks so much and i hope you have a happy happy birthday!

  31. Happy Birthday, yesterday!! I would love help with my office. Really need help with organization and making the space pretty :)

  32. happy bday! our kitchen/family room area has been such a pain to decorate. we downsized and got rid of our big furniture to start. i started with ikea slipcovered furniture and that is when it stalled. help...

  33. I would love help with our small master bedroom. It needs some love. Thank you. keriseifert@comcast.net

  34. I had written you months ago about a consultation but, in midst of starting our own company, I decided it regrettably wasn't the right time to spend money on something extra. My bungalow shotgun living room is still looking like it has so much potential but still falls sadly short. Happy happy birthday! Marissa

  35. I would love help with our master bedroom. Get better soon and happy birthday!

  36. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your day with all of us! I would love some help with updating my family room. It could use a shot of sunshine!



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