Pretty, pretty chair....

Good afternoon.

I spent my morning visiting a local client and took this
photo of a chair that recently returned from the upholsterer.
Isn't she pretty?

We are working on choosing fabric for some throw pillows
and other finishing touches - the FUN stuff!


Thank you for all the nice comments about
our pup....so far he seems healthy as can be but
will begin some treatment next week.  I will
keep you posted.


I am beginning to fill my design queue for the
month of May.  If you are interested in having
me help you design a room {or rooms} in your home,
please contact me at jill.hinsondesigns@gmail.com.
I would love to work with you.

2 comments on "Pretty, pretty chair...."
  1. The chair looks beautiful. Such a rich color! I like the sign on the wall, too.

    What kind of treatment are you trying for your dog? We had ours on chemotherapy to see if it would slow the growth of her peripheral nerve sheath tumor, and I think it did for a while, but then she developed hemorrhagic cystitis, a potential side effect from the drug. So we had to stop treatment. There aren't many other options for our dog, other than radiation which is very expensive and isn't offered in our area. On the bright side, she's 14 years old and still feeling great. Keep us posted on your pup's prognosis.

  2. Thanks for your kind words.

    Our pooch has two malignant mast cell tumors on one of his hind legs. We are seeing a vet oncologist next week - there are a couple drugs that have shown promise for helping. We will weight our options then. For now, you would never know there is anything wrong with him - goes for walks, chases tennis balls and begs for food!



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