Traditional Home and a winner.....

First, I had to share a couple images from the current issue of 
Traditional Home magazine.  This is the home of designer Lillian August and I would 
say it's pretty near perfect.  I love the mix of the chippy
pieces with the more refined/buttoned-up upholstery, makes my heart skip a beat.
These images are the epitome of classic, casual elegance.
To see more images of this beautiful home, go here.

I love this nearly stripped dresser pictured below.

Now, on to the winner of the design board giveaway.......
Mindy Whipple, come on down!  You are the 
design board winner!!!!!!  I actually chose number 17, because
my birthday is April 17th.  Mindy, please email me
at jill.hinsondesigns@gmail.com and we can get 
started on your office!

 I wish I could do 
boards for all of you!  REALLY!  I want to 
rid the world of rooms that homeowners apologize for, feel shame for,
don't want to spend time in, feel don't function well,
don't feel comfortable in, etc.........It's my life mission {ha!}....


If you would like to discuss a specific project, I would
love to work with you - and I promise to make it 
worth your while and at a price that doesn't 
break the bank - I swear! Email me at

Thank you all for the get well wishes AND birthday greetings.  
You all make turning *46* SO much easier!
Despite feeling cruddy, I had 
a nice birthday but have requested a do-over birthday on Saturday -
shouldn't every birthday be on a Saturday anyway?

4 comments on "Traditional Home and a winner....."
  1. Happy belated birthday!! I agree about the Saturday b-day, I like to enjoy a birthday weekend, more fun than just one day of celebrations.

  2. I hear some people now have a "birthday WEEK"... i love that idea!

  3. I am SO excited to see what you have in store for my in-need-of-serious-help office! Thank you so much : )


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