Seems appropriate today.....

It seems elusive these days......
and often I find it overwhelming when
I think of the world my children are 
living in.....I sort of want to 
wrap them up and watch old
Brady Bunch episodes.....
while eating popcorn and ice cream,
of course.....

Praying for you Boston.

4 comments on "Seems appropriate today....."
  1. My husband and I were at dinner last night in a lovely old house turned restaurant. From our particular table we could see from the living room into the dining room turned bar. And there was a giant TV showing all the details of the bombing and then an ad for a violent movie. How do kids discern form reality on the news and movies?

    It is such a scary time, but when we were married 42 years ago, we debated not having children because we didn't want them to be born into this world - Vietnam War era. We did have children and we protected them from the evils of this world by loving them and teaching them to love and give back to society. When I see what is happening today, I fear for my "yet to be" grandchildren, but I know that their parents will love them and teach them to love and give back.

    And sometimes our method was to just cocoon with our little family.

    Enjoy loving your family and watching the Brady Bunch.

  2. my babies + Brady Bunch + popcorn = bliss <3


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