Christmas mantel!

I had loaded these photos earlier today and then sat down 
with my computer and a glass of wine and proceeded to
'splash' wine on my Mac keyboard! It's not working so I
am posting via an iPad. Good times.
{sorry to be such a complainer but my pain is fresh people!}

On to happier things….

This is our Christmas mantel for 2013! I used what I had -
my vintage brass candlestick collection, old books,
an Asian box that happens to be red and
freshly painted gold Pottery Barn Kids stocking
holders circa 2002.  I added a big boxwood wreath
and poinsettias and called it good.

I fully intend to add greenery to the mantel but thought
it was just too early and I am not motivated to switch it
out mid-month!  Probably will be added next week.

The grain sack stockings are new this year - from
my favorite Uber Chic boys!

Say prayers for my Macbook - hope you enjoyed my

* Update - I checked the correct usage of mantel vs. mantle and
have made corrections, thank you to those that pointed out
the correct definition/spelling.  If you are interested, please
see this link!

** In further news.....my Macbook is up and working!
Can I get an 'amen'!
6 comments on "Christmas mantel!"
  1. I'm pretty sure it's mantel in this use. But! Loved it anyway, however it's spelled. Got some good ideas. I just have to learn to think outside the UNIVERSE! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. It's mantel, and yours looks lovely. :)

  3. I am sorry to laugh….ha ha…but that is so something I would do:) Glad you got her up and running! Loving the mantel!

  4. gorgeous mantel! love the antlers and wreath too. happy to hear your mac dried out!

  5. So pretty! I love how you used the books in the middle. The stocking hangers are awesome, too.


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