And just like that it's over…..

Now, on to the new year.

2013 was a great one for me professionally -
I launched my business {officially} and you came
and asked me to help you create your home…..
It's sometimes overwhelming and humbling all at
the same time.  It's been such a learning year for me,
business wise.  Diving in like I did really allowed me
to better define how I want to work, with whom I want
to work, my strengths and my deficits…..I know
plan to take what I have learned and go forward 
into 2014 wanting to do better,
be better and serve my clients better.

The graphic above really sums up how I 
personally feel about what I do and it's really
my goal for each home I get to work on.
And I strongly believe it's what my clients want.
And if you don't, I'm not your gal.

Our homes are more than a sofa and two chairs….
the best evoke a feeling to those that dwell
in them and those that visit.  So often
people visit my home and compliment
me and then go on to say something like, 
"you can never come to my house, because
it's not done, or it doesn't look like this".
I cringe when I hear comments like this because
I don't decorate my home to impress and 
definitely NOT to make anyone feel inferior.
I decorate my home as a gesture of love 
towards my family who live with me and
friends and family who visit.  For me, it's 
how I express that love….creating cozy,
warm spaces.  Let's just say gallery walls
are my 'love language'.

So thank you to the clients that patiently worked
with this newbie decorator in 2013, it was an honor
and privilege!  I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store!
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