Be fearless in your home!

I apologize for my absence…..I won't bore you with the details
cause they would only include laundry, 6th grade math, design work,
lacrosse try-outs, an extra kid at my house this week etc……
blah, blah, blah…..

While perusing Pinterest this evening and indulging in a MUCH
needed glass of wine I came across a home that stopped me in my 
tracks and drove home a point that I wish I could better 
communicate to friends and clients……


THIS home is bold, fearless, crazy and some might say "risky".
I say it's GREAT!  Good gracious, look at all that 
brass in the kitchen!

Check out the complete home tour HERE!
I only *wish*  I could be so bold, but seeing this
encourages me to do more of what my gut tells
me.  That voice that says, "everyone will think that's 
crazy" and "that doesn't match" will be silenced!

How about you?  It's your home - BE FEARLESS!

4 comments on "Be fearless in your home!"
  1. Awesome house tour. It's the boldest space I've seen in a while. Not particularly my style, but it was still great to look at.


  2. What interesting wallpaper with the butterflies! I enjoyed taking the house tour ~ really liked the hummingbird fabric done on the chair set in the dining room.
    Smiles, Bebe :)


  3. One of the reasons I love her blog (and her home) is that she is true to herself. She says what's on her mind and isn't afraid to be herself. Her choices are bold, but watching her in the process is so inspiring! We should be lucky to be so fearless in ourselves and our decor :)

  4. I LOVE that house! I try to be fearless and mostly achieve it. I never make choices in this house to make other people happy but sometimes I make the safe choice. But just sometimes so that is not bad I think!


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