sunburns and smiles!

Aloha friends….it feels like I've been away forever!  I've missed writing and 
sharing but nothing provides inspiration like a vacation.  Seriously!  
Park a creative type like me on a beach for a week and I can
get all kinds of crazy ideas.  Couple the extra rest and mind-space with
the impending spring cleaning season and all I can say is 
that my house just doesn't know
what kind of crazy is coming it's way! 
I am ready to tackle unfinished projects, edit, purge and style in
my own home…..and watch out clients, this crazy is coming for you too!

5 comments on "Aloha!"
  1. You all look fabulous! So rested and tan. I need some of that motivation over here.

  2. With the relentless rain outside today Hawaii sounds just lovely...maybe if I get out my photo album from our trip (too many years ago...) I can pretend.

    1. Hi Mindy -
      I will do the same…..next week.

  3. Beautiful and tan family with big vacation smiles!


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