Getting my office right for me…..

One of the scariest parts of helping others in their homes is the risk
of getting it 'wrong'…..Thankfully, I really don't think I have made
many mistakes in client homes - at least that the client would 
describe as a mistake. Right clients?

But when I hired myself last year to design myself an office
in my own home, I made a mistake…..well sort of.

My mistake was to follow a trend, to base my choices on what
others were doing that was right for them, looked great in their space,
especially in photographs on Instagram and blogs…….I painted my
office white - GASP!!!!!!  I know, right?
Now, if this is the biggest 'mistake' I ever make, I realize I am doing ok.

I could say a lot about the influence of social media on our design 
choices - especially those of us who are in this business, but I should
have followed my own advice often doled out to my clients, "do what
is right for you".  But sometimes, designers own homes turn
into our laboratory so I chalk up my white paint experiment to that.
I learned a lot…..

- I like the contrast of lights and darks in a space
- vintage art and objects look great against a dark background
- I prefer my white spaces as the main area color
- custom mixing paint is fun
- painting is NOT fun
- I still like white room, just not in this space

This room is not done (heck, are they ever?).
I am waiting for a vintage Turkish rug.  
I would like a new desk chair, something more
'important' and comfortable.

The walls are generally BM Hale Navy - I had a custom
mixed done that basically removed some of the 
white paint that went into the mix.  The result is more
a darker, inky blue/black.  I love it!

And on another note - I have really enjoyed being back in this
space - one of my goals for 2016 is to blog more
regularly.  I love writing and sharing and having this relationship
with all of you.  So thanks for sticking around!

Have a great weekend!

8 comments on "Getting my office right for me….."
  1. It looks fabulous! I love the look of white on white, the Nordic look, but what works for me in a home with a husband and grandkids around a lot is our tried and true leather furniture, dark blue, that can be wiped off with a baby wipe. I bring in the lightness with light gray walls and white trim.

  2. I really appreciate this post and your honesty!!! It is hard not to be pulled by every new trend!

  3. Love that you were true
    to yourself. I agree, it's
    so easy to lose your own
    voice in an overconnected
    world : )

    Your light fixture is fab and
    the whole room so YOU!

    xo Suzanne

  4. It seems like it is a matter of deciding which trends feel right, not ignoring them completely. Dark walls, vintage rugs and abstract art are completely on trend right now and look wonderful in your office.

  5. Well, I love the dark walls. And, if I ever get around to creating an office in this house, I'll have them, too :)

  6. Somehow our real always finds us. I'm so glad yours is navy blue! It is stunning!

  7. I love what you said in this post and what a beautiful and functional space you are making for yurself!


  8. You were completely right to follow your own desire and not the trends because this room looks amazing! You're very talented! :-)
    Have a very nice day


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