A Favorite Friend

Meet my friend, who helps me immensely with my too often decorating indecisiveness.

In my home pictures often go up in one place, are then rearranged, added to, rearranged again and then moved altogether. This leaves my walls looking abused by all the nails I have pounded into them. Thank goodness for wall patch, it provides an instant "fix" and removes the guilt of my indecisiveness. And given that most of the walls in my house are in the creamy white family, sometimes I don't even paint over the wall patch, yes I don't!

For example, remember the arrangement of pics in my new and improved bathroom?

After looking at their symmentry (there is such a thing as too symmetrical) for a few days, I had to rearrange. Below is the new and improved version, wall patch and all.

Off to rearrange....Have a great weekend everyone!

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1 comment on "A Favorite Friend"
  1. I have never heard of this! Looks like something I could definitely use.


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