I was inspired to post this picture of my dining room after seeing a fabulous dining room makeover at Reese & Marie. Soon I will post more photos of my home that capture it's "open living" concept.

Happy Saturday!

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4 comments on "Inspired"
  1. Aaawwww, you are so sweet! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dining room. The table is fabulous, the cabinet is beyond words and I love the details: the chandy, the urns filled with great stuff, the mirror, even the books and nest and santos. Perfection. I am now inspired by you!

  2. I actually came back and am commenting twice - that is how awesome your DR is to me. It's like total perfection. The chandy looks fantastic over the farmhouse table. It's like every detail speaks to my design sensibility and it's not cluttered (which is how my DR feels to me - too many dishes!) I really really hope you share more of your amazing home!
    I promise I won't stalk this room anymore {tonight}. Hee.

  3. You are very sweet. Given that I have lived in this home just about 10 months, I still believe it all is a work in progress. Plus, it does not help that it is a very different kind of house than we have previously lived in. My husband will attest to lots of moving of furniture from one place to another and lots of rearranging. My dining room/kitchen/formal living space are all one big open room - great but makes it hard for it all to look cohesive! Your dining room looks lovely - but I hear you on the cluttered comment. I think gals like us, who like everything tend to want it all in a room - nothing wrong with that!


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