~~ inspiring.....

"Walk with the Dreamers

the believers,

the courageous,

the planners, the DOERS,

the S-U-C-C-E-S-S-F-U-L

people with their

head in the Clouds

and their feet on the

GROUND.  Let their spirits

IGNITE a fire with-

in YOU, to leave this

world better than

when you found it."

**found in Boho magazine, winter issue.  Have you seen it?  Check it out, it's a fav.
5 comments on "~~ inspiring....."
  1. That is inspiring! Thank you for sharing!!
    Have a pretty day!

  2. Love that! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Isn't that mag fabulous.
    My head is always in the clouds and my feet always on the ground.

  4. This mag is
    news to me...
    Maybe you can
    show it to me
    when I see you?
    Can't wait : )
    xx Suzanne
    PS: I still have
    a very good feeling
    about your cottage
    PPS: LOVE your pups!

  5. Thank you for sharing that. It's nice to read that it's okay to have your head in the cloud with your feet on the ground...Loved It!


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