zoe & isaac

It's been a tough day.....
While we knew we would be losing money when we sell our cottage.....
we found out that it is likely to be more we originally thought.

This housing market is tough....and we live in a location that has held value well compared to others.

We knew this move would be a roller coaster ride....
of highs and lows......

Today was a low....
I think I will join my friend Kasey and open a bottle of wine early.....


On a happy note, our goldendoodles made a much needed trip to the doggie spa today.

Here is Zoe in her "before" shot:

And here is Zoe after her spa day:

Isaac "before":

Isaac "after"!

They seem so happy when they get home, running around like a couple of nuts.......sort of gives me an idea......I think a spa day might have the same effect on me!
13 comments on "zoe & isaac"
  1. So sorry about the state of the housing market. But oh my goodness, Zoe and Isaac are absolutely adorable!

  2. Oh honey I'm sorry. It IS depressing! Focus on the end result and hopefully where you end up the prices will be lower than what they used to be too. Your pups are precious!

  3. i'm certain it is frustrating. the housing market in atlanta is horrible if you're selling, fabulous if you're the buyer.

    good gracious, your doggies are the cutest!!! those big fluffies.
    speaking of which, how much do they weigh?

    of course


  4. Oh Jill... I hear ya, girl. The housing market is terrible...still! We've had our lake house for sale for 4 years now; and lowered the price 3 times. It's hard (and expensive) keeping up two homes, but we know that when the time is right, a buyer will come along. Keep your chin up and take what you can get. I don't see the market getting any better any time soon. Love the new look of your furbabies! Adorable!!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  5. I'm sorry you are having a bad day! I hope the wine helps a bit! It usually does! ;-) Your doggies are adorable before AND after!

  6. They are soooooo cute after their spa day!


  7. So sorry to hear this,times are sure tough everywhere,fingers crossed things start changing soon.
    Your golden noodles look so gorgeous after their spa day...i think you should go now!
    Love Kristina x

  8. The ups and downs of the housing market :-(
    Go and pamper yourself you deserve it. XXX
    As for the fluffies... they must feel better. Look smart as a two shiny buttons :-) x x x
    Sometimes when things go downhill, take heart there is only one way to go and that is UP. X

  9. I had a glass of wine last night for you. two actually.
    i'll call you today.

  10. You can't possibly get too "down" with all of that cuteness around you! Love those pups!! - Kathy

  11. I hope you opened that bottle of wine and booked a day at the spa! Keep me posted on your plans girl.

  12. Selfishly Can't wait to see your posting for your home....we are looking to buy!
    Your puppies are so cute! We have a Maltipoo!


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