....what's going on with you?

you may be wondering where the heck i have been....

or maybe not....

{that's just my ego talking....like you have nothin' better to do then check on the drama in my life}

our family went to oregon last week...

the girls spent a half day at their new school....

in their UNIFORMS!

can i get a whoo-hoo?

and the hubby and i looked at houses, yes we did.

and lots of other stuff is happening too....so in case you are wondering, here is the lowdown:
  • we made an offer on a house in portland
  • we got an offer on our cottage in minnesota
  • we are "in negotiations" on both deals as i type this
  • we went to the oregon coast and had a blast - boy did i miss the pacific ocean
  • that is not me pictured above - it is my 12 year old daughter doing what i wanted to do when i saw my precious pacific but would have been too embarrassed
  • i got to see lots of friends when i was in portland, including the one had been missing....let's just say it was a great "new beginning"...
  • the house we made an offer on is not a "cottage" per se...but she will be after i get my hands on her
  • my girls loved their new school, so momma breathed a big sigh of relief
  • my soccer star girl played soccer with a new team when in portland and she brought some serious 'game', i was proud of her
  • due to a snow storm in minnesota we were forced to extend our stay by two days
  • i 'had' to go to the mall and buy my girls each some new clean clothes - on the first trip i chose to pack 'light'....
  • we came home to 17 inches of new snow.....i had to shovel my front walkway for the first time this winter because hubby is still in oregon...won't miss having to do THAT...
  • also came home to an injured hamster....seems the neighbors who were "hamster-sitting" decided to put said hamster into it's hamster ball on the kitchen table and said hamster took a flying leap onto the floor.....have a very upset hamster owner in my house....was awake all night praying for that little guy....thankfully he was ALIVE this morning but still not using one of his front paws{feet?}....
  • finally got to the gym today to begin working off all those girl scout cookies i have been eating
  • must not feel like capitalizing anything today...bear with me, i have lots on my mind!
  • thanks for bearing with me as i ramble, over-share, you all ROCK!
So, what's going on with you?
12 comments on "....what's going on with you?"
  1. How exciting!!! You have been a busy lady! I will keep my fingers crossed that both of your deals come through!;)

    We were on vacation last week and apparently the weather here was beautiful. Of coarse when we got home, the snow came. Serves us right for enjoy the surf and sand a bit too much:)

    Keeping your familly in my prayers as your journey continues.


  2. sounds like all is going great!!
    love that picture!

  3. Very exciting things coming together at your home, which you are about to take with you. In this home, I have a new office, a new room for my little girl, slipcovers for the couch on the way and some paint swatches up in most of the bedrooms. Yes the hubby still is deployed, only have five more months to get this all done with four kiddos riding the wave.

  4. thank GOD we made it home..to snow, but nonetheless HOME!! good for you getting to the gym. i didn't quite get there today. definitely tomorrow. YAY about the offers...that is fabulous! still sad your leaving me. how can that be.

  5. I think a new home is always exciting! Can't wait to read what you do with it.

    I had to laugh at what you said about snow. We live in WA but our oldest lives in Oregon and he is eagerly awaiting some snow tonight, lol! Of course, it won't be anything like what you're used to, I imagine.

  6. Ahhh...you are indeed on the way to an adventure. You need to print and frame that last picture. I'm anxious to read "chapter two" of your new book. Cheers - Kathy

  7. I always do
    that dance when
    I see the Pacific;
    doesn't everyone?
    Happy all is falling
    into place for you.
    xx Suzanne

  8. Yippee Jill! So exciting! Can't wait to hear more details! Glad you guys had a great visit - in so many ways! :) Anxious to be seeing more of you after the big move!

  9. Haystack rock?? We love it there!!!!! Congrats on the offers and can't wait to see this new house that you make into a home!!!!

  10. Oh yay! I'm so excited for you! And nervous! I hope all of your negotiations go well. That can be so stressful. Your trip sounds lovely. I would sure like to escape this cold and snow right now. I can't wait to see your new would-be cottage.

  11. You have been a busy girl, haven't you? But how exciting! I'm so happy for you! I pray that all the negotiations go smoothly and that you are settled into your new home soon! It'll be so much fun making that journey with you! :)

    xoxo laurie


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