Embracing imperfection....

When I saw The Nester was celebrating the imperfection in our homes today
with a linky party, I knew it was time to come clean....and be real.

Like so many of us, I often find myself aspiring to 'perfection'.....whatever THAT means.

Blogging can be dangerous because comparison and feelings of not measuring up  
can be prevalent.  There are a ton of blogs that show beautifully decorated rooms
day after day....It can be really easy to feel like your own home just doesn't
measure up.

We have lived in our current home almost 10 months!  Did I think
I would be further along with my l-o-n-g lists of projects?

My living room {pictured above} has been my biggest challenge.  I have
struggled to find inspiration for this space.  I had a slipcover made
for the sofa in a damask fabric that I had had for ages.....while I like
the bold pattern, it has been a challenge to decorate around.  

After the holidays, inspired to mix patterns and fabrics, I sought
the help of design blogger extraordinaire Holly Mathis.  

Holly and I collaborated on paint colors and fabric options.  For 
the first time, I felt inspired and knew exactly how I wanted this to look
and function.

So, this is where you look at the photo above and say......"really?"

'Cause that was back in January and this is how the room looks today......
undone.....empty packing boxes.....un-styled accessories.....linen fabric laid
out of the sofa that needs to be brought to the seamstress to make the bolster pillow......
the lantern in the corner that needs to be painted and hung....the floor lamp missing a shade.....

Life happens......dinner needs to be made, I work 'outside the home' 20 hours
a week, budgets are tight....and it's OK, the room will get done....in time.....
I'll show you the photos to prove it......just can't promise when that might happen.

10 comments on "Embracing imperfection...."
  1. Well said. It's easy to compare your own home with images you see on blogs or in magazines, but we all have different budgets. The size and location of our home can dictate what can and can't happen too. I'm really trying to embrace that.

  2. Same here...I agree. We are retired and our budget has really shrunk. We try to do all the painting and small repairs ourselves.

  3. Being real . . . definitely can relate. So much I want to do and can't because of a small budget, but it's always inspiring to look at the pics in blogland. Blessings, Sandy:O)

  4. I created one of these posts as well....what might look perfect in an image is often far from it! no worries about your living room, it will all happen.

  5. Hi Jill .....stumbled across your blog, living a similiar kind of life in Scotland, relocated to where my heart belongs by the sea last May, currently renting an old "inn" and in the process of buying our forever cottage, I have decorated it top to bottom in my mind about three times so far :-), neutrals,nautical and throw caution to the wind bright and colourful( the inner hippy fighting to get out ) Andy my partner is in his mind,is knocking walls out,extending, designing wet rooms and a dry room ! ....and I could go on and share my dreams for the garden :-) another day, another blog. A

  6. Whew...Thank you for that. I feel much better now. We have lived in our home for 8 1/2 months and I still have a few empty shelves, not much hung on the wall...I was feeling "behind". You are right my friend...Life Happens. Miss you!

  7. It will happen and be done before you know it!!
    Lovely room

  8. how absolutely refreshing, "keeping it real".. i love your blog and your beautiful home...and, sometime the most appealing posts are when we "humanize" ourselves. thanks for sharing part of your life.. keep on keeping on...

  9. Oh Jill...I feel the same way about our bedroom right now...just can't seem to come together! It will happen though...sometimes it just takes that one piece to help bring it all together!

    We need to do dinner/lunch/coffee soon!

  10. It is so easy to feel inadequate when you see all the beautiful homes in blogland. I often wonder how these woman get their projects done at lightining speed?!?!?! I feel like I am moving in slow motion most of the time! LOL...Don't dispair though...your room will come together in time and will be beyond beautiful :o) Have a great weekend!!!

    PS. I am now following you on Google...hope you will follow me back :o)


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