Put a ring on it?

Blame it on my busy life, my aging brain....whatevah! 

I forgot to show you my metal napkin rings I purchased
at the Junk Salvation Show - my collection is growing!

I love using mis-matched vintage-patina silver/pewter napkin
rings for table settings.....and when not in use, they look lovely
in my Ikea jar.  You can usually find silver/silver-plate or
pewter rings at flea markets for very little - many shoppers
pass them by because they are mis-matched or alone.....but
over time you can create quite the beautiful collection!

It doesn't have to match to be beautiful!

At Junk Salvation, however, I happened to score four matching rings!  
Sometimes the flea gods shine down upon you!
3 comments on "Put a ring on it?"
  1. Pretty! :) I have a very small collection of mismatched (maybe 8?) but I love what they add to the table conversation. Amazing you found four alike!!

  2. the Flea god :-)
    Can I ask a favor ?

    You have to visit Soggibototm, but I promise it's not for me :-) XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Ha ha , flea's :-) x x x You have a geat eye diffent:-) X X X


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