TheFunky Junk Show.....{aka} gettin' my flea-on!

On Friday night, a couple girlfriends and I headed to the Funky Junk Sisters show
in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Besides just needing a night out with my girls, I was
also happy to get a flea-fix.  It seems like for-evah since I had been to
a flea market.

The show was a great opportunity to see some of my
favorite Portland vintage dealers - so, 'heeeeyyyyy' Cindy,

See that great PIONEER HATCHERY sign?  It came home with
my friend Becky....good signs are hard to pass up!

Industrial stuff was everywhere.....still.

The booth above was adorable and had a great variety of items 
from which to shop - she is doing a lot of sales this spring/summer so check out 
Roost Reimagined's blog for more info!  This
seller was very friendly which is always a plus!
{which cannot be said for all of the vendors at this sale, boo!}

Cindy from the Queen of Tarte was there!  As always, her booth was
creative and edgy....this industry NEEDS sellers like Cindy!
Tarte's space always stands out in a crowd!

I took lots of pictures of stuff that 'floats my boat'.....

Old books and garden statues....yum!

Junky jewels .....

This space pictured below was FULL of vintage metal sign letters!
I remembered the seller from Farm Chicks last year {they will be back!}...

Great stuff!

I did not make many purchases.....I will be back tomorrow to show you 
my treasures......How's that for suspense?
10 comments on "TheFunky Junk Show.....{aka} gettin' my flea-on!"
  1. I went to their sale when it was up here a few months ago!Cant wait to see what you found!! :) Rachel

  2. Jealous! Would have snatched up those black and white striped pillows...too fun!

  3. mmmm all lovely displays - so wish it was right by ME so I could go flea too! :)


  4. So fun to see you again, Jill! You are always so fun to chat with and adorable too, btw. Hope we bump into each other again soon!

  5. Hey! I was there that night! I wonder if I saw you and didn't know it :) We had a great time too- I'm posting on it in a little bit after I get a few photos of my stuff I brought home... he he! Sarah is one of my buddies- I am doing her show in the spring here in Salem! She's awesome. I loved that Hatchery sign too. lucky for your friend.

  6. What FUN! Love your blog!

  7. I couldn't help but notice you posted a few photos from my booth and hope you don't mind if I copy them to my computer. I didn't have a camera so am trying to find sites of people who might have gotten some shots.

    I wish we could have met...maybe next year:-)


  8. Hey! It's Sarah from Roost. It was so great to meet you, I always have such a blast at these shows. There was some really amazing talent this year and I am always so honored to be a part of it. Thanks again for the shout out.

  9. Hey, I wanted to let you know that I realized after I commented the first time that I did meet you and really enjoyed chatting with you:-)



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