Flea Market Style...

The Summer 2012 issue of Flea Market Style is hitting newsstands!
If I may say so myself, this is the best cover they have EVER had.

The home pictured on the cover belongs to Brent Heeb and Darwin Otto, the owners of one
of the most popular antiques malls in 
Portland {and one of my many 'happy places'}, Stars Antiques.  

Brent and Darwin have the most
well curated, comfortable and fabulously collected home I have
been blesssed to visit.  Their home is a testament to what can BE when
you collect for many years {and have a fabulous eye}.

When preparing for this issue, Ki called and asked if I knew any magazine-
worthy homes in Portland.  I had just moved back to Portland and called a few
well-connected friends {heyyyyyy Allie} and voile!  A few emails and
phone calls later, I found myself in southeast Portland taking some
scouting shots and trying to keep my cool as I was in total AWE of this home
and the collections it held.  I remember calling Ki from my car after
I left and telling her something along the lines...."the home is full 
of vintage goodness, probably the best styled home I have ever
visited with the MOST flea market finds".

The photo below is the scouting photo I took of the same
space pictured on the cover!  {What the cover missed is that
fabulous vintage rod iron chandelier!}

Overall, it was such a fun experience, having the home on 
the cover is the proverbial icing on the cupcake!

I was lucky to receive some extra copies of this issue of
Flea Market Style and would like
to share a couple with Forever*Cottage readers!

Just leave me a comment telling me what sort of homes you would
like to see more of in magazines.  I will
pick TWO winners to receive a free copy of Flea Market Style magazine!

*Entries closed on Friday night at midnight.
*Winner will be announced on Saturday!

27 comments on "Flea Market Style..."
  1. Im so happy for your Portland friends! Their home is so unique. I would love to see more whites and Shabby Chic styles in magazines.A paler palette. Would love to win a copy! xo Rachel :)

  2. Oh please count me in.. I have been on the hunt for the new FMS with no luck yet!!
    This is yet another Beautiful cover and so cool that you found this beautiful home. If I had to pick more of what I would like to see? Wow that's hard. I need to think about that..

  3. I would like to see more homes from people who don't have much money, don't decorate professionally, and who live very happily and contentedly in their space.

  4. I haven't located a copy yet either
    but I'm continuing to search. I like to see the reuse of materials one would not ordinarily think of as decor material used creatively so. Love the use of lots of vintage. Marie

  5. Congrats on your "scouting" success! I love FMS magazine & would love to see more kid-friendly/vintage spaces with lots of storage ideas!
    -Karen H.

  6. Count me in. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to see more homes that are just boring suburban homes, but the owners were able to inject a lovely homey country look. I find that really inspiring, because guess where I live!

  7. I would like to see more homes from the average working person!

  8. Hooray! I love the cover, and I love Brent and Darwin's home! So fun to see it all in person on the day of the shoot. You can feel how much they love each and every little piece in their home. Can't wait to see the rest of the magazine! Save one for me:)!


  9. Wow. How exciting for you! Hmmm, I'm not sure what kind I would like to see more of. Maybe farmhouse. :) Thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  10. Love the cover too and although I love the all white homes I need some color so I definitely like seeing homes with color added especially if it's full of vintage goodies :)

  11. What a fun experience!!!

    I would love to see homes in magazines that the "average Joan" can afford. Often times magazines show homes or sets with outrageous prices that is so NOT attainable for us teachers. So I would like to see homes styled with most items under $200-500 or better yet under $150!!

    Thanks for all your inspiration. I also LOVE Stars, I have to go there when I am down visiting Portland from Tacoma, WA. I even wrote about them on my blog!

    ♥ Ashley


  12. It's so lovely! I would like to see more colorful vintage homes. Of course I'm obsessed with color these days so what do you expect?

  13. Hi, love the photo! since we move every few years (military), I would love to see houses that people rent and love decor on a budget.Blessings!!

  14. I would love to see more homes that use color popping items. Ha

  15. I love all styles except modern. I can't wait to see this issue, I love Flea Market Style and look forward to every copy! karen....

  16. I'm partial to older homes - or at least new homes filled with character! Flea markets are my thing and I love Flea Market Style!

  17. Hi Jill...i haven't found the new issue of FMS yet...I know you live in the Portland, OR area, but I have a friend who lives in Vancouver, WA whose home is totally magazine worthy!! (You have met her, she has a booth at Monticellos...her name is JoDee, from Duchess!!) Her home is a dream, I LOVE IT!!! I keep telling her we should take pics and send it to magazines, but we haven't done it yet!!!

  18. I can't wait to get my hands on this issue!!! drool!!! I live in Mt Pleasant SC & just across the bridge is a quaint little beach town called Sullivans Island. I would love to see more SI cottages!! I love them... so much charm, old, rustic yet so chic!!

    **Ami adw8101@hotmail.com

  19. Love all things old! Would like to see more unusual houses; my friends live in an old converted barn filled with antiques. Thanks for a chance to win. June from Louisiana.

  20. How very cool that you were instrumental in discovering it for the magazine! I would love to see more new homes, builder homes in subdivisions made unique with finds and diy on a tight budget.

  21. I really need this magazine!! I am in the middle of a remodel (just picked the lighting last night)...and am still at a loss for how it's all going to come together.
    I would like to see smaller spaces in magazines. I feel like every room in magazines or pinterest photos have HUGE closets, laundry rooms, bedrooms, great rooms...you name it. AND tall ceilings on top of that! I know it's harder to shoot smaller spaces, but not everyone has the luxury of big homes.

  22. What a great opportunity to win this magazine! I find it so neat that you went scouting for the cover of this edition! What a great find, I would love to see more homes like this one. I love homes that are well-loved and lived-in. I love visiting homes and finding all sorts of collections. Especially collections that mean a lot to their owners.

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  24. We live in a beautiful old Philadelphia style 2 family, west of Boston. Would love to see more "city/vintage/wish sometimes it was a farmhouse..working with very little cash persons homes" You have a great eye/home also.


  25. I so can't wait to read this from cover to cover....Over & OVER....Just a couple of weeks to go & my wait will be over....!!!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  26. Hi~ It's actually 'wrought' iron, as opposed to 'rod' iron! Have a good one! ;)


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